Gold support player- played Ana in the replay

Hello everyone! I'm stuck in gold in every role. I have played the game since 2017 but put more hours into the game since 2018 and play multiple hours a day. It's hard for me to improve because I don't know what to look for to do different. I try to watch every video on youtube you can see to improve and they help me learn new things but I still don't gain any sr. I have played every hero in the game a good amount of time through out the years so I know much of the basics of every hero but I do play some certain heroes more than others. When it comes to the healing category I play all the heroes but more rarely Moira and Mercy nowadays.

Baptiste are a hero I play more often but I played Ana in this match and Ana is a hero I have been starting to spend more time on now.

I play on a great computer and monitor since october 2019 and have 240+ and a 240hz screen (played before on a school laptop with 20-30 fps) and went from bronze to gold in a day but have since then been stuck in gold on every role. This are maybe not as important but incase it is I have about 45-65% unscooped accuracy on Ana and 70-85% accuracy scooped. On baptiste I have 45- 55% accuracy on gun and 55-70% on healing.

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Another thing I wonder is what should I do against for example damage boosted Pharah when I'm playing in narrow maps as a healer. I find it harder to kill Pharah on for example Oasis university when the enemy has gained the control especially when my team don't have any shield because what happens is that when I go behind the tanks I many times get 1 or 2 clicked by Pharah and even though I'm landing all the shots on Pharah it's not always enough to kill her and when she gets killed their Mercy res her and all my teammates die. If I go Lucio to get to the point so that the enemy fall back usually one of their players like Ana stands on the edge of the point and Pharah still kills my team members so if I kill Ana it's still not enough because maybe 2 or 3 of my team are killed.

I also find it really hard to kill Pharah when both healers are pocketing her and my team don't try to kill her. I'm also unsure sometimes when to heal and when to damage because in some cases when my team are losing health all the time because no one in the other team are getting any damage, killing one of the enemies will just make my teammates die. Often in gold people have a hard time killing Pharahs so I need to do it on my own if I want her killed. I have tried to ignore her also because how I think is that if the others in the team gets killed Pharah then can't do much but it doesn't always work because when team mates have problems killing Pharah they many times have problems with kiling others.

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The biggest reason in my perspective to how I could win more matches are to people regroup more. 3/4 matches that I lose I see that some teammates gets killed and then others who have respawned go into the battle alone and then thy die so it's always a 3-4 vs 6 it goes on like this for minutes, fights that easily could have been won if the team just regroup. Should I ignore this and get better aim and kill the whole enemy team or is there a must to fix this problem? If it is a must to fix this, do you have tips how to convince people to regroup. I always respecfully try to ask them to regroup in vc and in text I write for example "Could we regroup" or "we are going in 3 vs 6 and it's better to wait for everyone to respawn"

My aim wasn't the best on Bap in this match because I tried a little bit higher sensetivity but I changed my hero pretty fast to Ana.

Thanks for reading this long post and I'm thankful for every tips you could give me 🙂

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