Gold tank requesting a VOD review (BM86X0)

Content of the article: "Gold tank requesting a VOD review (BM86X0)"


My overwatch username is SALTi and I love to play tanks. Everything except wrecking ball goes. (way too complicated for my brain). I love Zarya, Rein and Sigma the most. In this VOD I play Rein for the whole game.

I know you're supposed to post lost matches where you don't know what you could have done better. My situation however is that I have a chronic illness that causes severe fatigue and most days I can't perform to a standard that I know I could.

Because of this I usually know why a game went bad and immediately notice when I've done something stupid, but just can't perform when I need to make instant decisions (thus realizing after pressing a button I've done goofed). My tired brain just can't process the info fast enough. Today, however has been a pinnacle day and I've had some great games. The game I linked is my best game in ages where my brain just worked and I was constantly telling myself why I should or should not do something and how to proceed after that.

The reason I posted such a good game for me is that I don't know how to perform better than this. I love the game and want to learn every little detail and trick and maybe get better as a side benefit. I often ask my friends what I could improve but I don't think I'm getting honest feedback. (I'm a huge space nerd. I know I will never go to space but I love to know every little detail. It's the same with overwatch. I'll never be in masters but one can still have fun learning the ropes).

I hope that someone does the nitpickiest analysis of this game. I don't mind being called shit if I'm told why at the same time. I've peaked at 2800 sr a few times but always sink back to gold and I'd love to perform better. (I already know one of the comments I'm going to get: communication, communication, communication)

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If someone decides to check this out, thanks in advance!

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