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Hello guys! I'm a Soldier 76 main, PC player. In the last week or so I've been playing some other heroes but Soldier 76 is still my main. I've been trying to get better at him, and I've done tons of traditional VOD reviews.

Here's the thing about traditional VODs though. They're great for telling me some pointers to improve. But I find that a lot of times, the information a reviewer thinks is necessary to provide is somewhat dependent on my rank as well. Certain info, like fundamentals/more advanced concepts than is necessary for my rank can sometimes not be included. What I get from VODs are tips to improve, and which tips are understandably somewhat subject to bias based on my rank.

What I'm looking for is to understand why I'm the rank I am. I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out easily. But I'd like to know what aspects of my play place me in my current rank, and then I can fix the points that tie me to this rank.

To that end I've decided to switch up the traditional VOD a little. I'm asking for a VOD but I'm not telling you which rank it's at. I'm sure it will be very easy for you to figure it out from this game, but I'm curious about what characteristics of my play are noteworthy to put me in the rank I'm in.

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Don't look at my post history, as I've been reasonably active on this sub asking for VODs with my rank. There's a chance you've seen one of these posts. I think it's better if you watch this VOD without knowing my rank.

The replay code is DCFXBW. I'm playing S76 and my username is the same as here.

As for the VOD itself. This was a brutal loss lol. Idk what I could've done here besides to get good. It's a control map and my team loses 2-0.

I also think my ults in this game are quite funny, the first one in particular. It goes like: "Oh no!," "Whew," and then "Oh no!" again. And basically I burn my ult. You'll see it lol.

Thanks! 🙂

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