Having a Harder Time Adjusting to Lower Sensitivities? Buy a Lighter Mouse.

One of the common things that I've seen suggested by gamers everywhere when someone is asking how to improve their aim is to lower the sensitivity. But that often proves to be easier said than done. When you're used to a higher sens and you drop it to a lower one, it feels sluggish and takes forever to turn around, even if you feel like you flick the mouse fast enough.

I've long had this problem. I've long stuck with an 800 DPI on my mouse as it's the most comfortable I feel setting I feel when in regular browsing and switching it throws me of EVERY SINGLE TIME, so I could only rely on changing the in game sens. I found that 6.00 in OW was the only one that worked for me, as it allowed to me to be able to turn at a distant rate and still be able to aim without feel like I'm over aiming. I tried to lower the sens to ~5.00 when I played a lot of Mei, it seemed to help with my right clicks, but every time I took a break and came back, it felt super slow, especially when I played ANY other hero.

I've dabbled in lighter mice but the issue with the cord dragging every where being more of a hindrance, especially with Glorious Model O's threaded cable that starts to turn to absolute dookie after a while. Ended up switching to a wireless mouse for the first time ever (a Logitech G502). Won't say it helped my gameplay, but at least the damn cord wasn't getting in the way. I ran into a problem the M1 and M2 buttons stopped working correctly. Apparently, this has been an issue with some Logitech mice. Went to the store, bought a Logitech ProX Superlight which is a cool 63g heavy, supposedly the lightest mouse on the market, which beats out Glorious' wireless mouse which is a shade blow 70g.

Holy frick, this is like night and day. First, the mouse doesn't even feel like it has battery in it. It feels like the Glorious Model O but without a cord. Moving the mouse is EFFORTLESS. For the first time in ages, 6.00 sens felt too fast. It was like I set the mouse to 1200 DPI when it was defaulted at 800 and it has no DPI buttons for me to accidentally hit (one of the many ways there were able to achieve the it's light weight). I dropped it to 5, too fast. 4.5? Almost there. 4. Now it's too slow. 4.25, okay this is perfect.

I'm not going to profess to be great at the game, and it's still a matter of time if this actually helps improve my aim, but the fact that I can comfortably play at 4.25 sens and still manage to flick my mouse to turn fast is a BIG deal, IMO.

Problem, though: The GPW Superlight is 150 bucks (at Microcenter). Up 20-40 from the previous GPW, but it's also almost 20 grams lighter (GPW is 80g) Good news, the Glorious Model O Wireless is 90 bucks at Microcenter, so you can try out that one if you don't want to spend 150 bucks on a mouse.

If you can afford one, the FinalMouse Ultralight is 47g and one of the lightest gaming mice in existence. However FinalMouse is the SUPREME of gaming mice. It's SUPER exclusive and only officially sold in batches and they sell out fast and then are heavily marked up in the aftermarket to people who get sucked into the concept of owning a FinalMouse. I also hear the exclusivity doesn't equate to quality (just like Supreme), and considering how many of mice with the honeycomb design are out there now, there's almost no reason to get a FinalMouse if it's going to cost over 200 bucks to buy one.

TL;DR – A lighter mouse might make it easier for you to adjust to lower sensitivity settings allowing you to flick easier while potentially helping improve your ability to make minor aiming adjustments.


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