Help with D.Va positioning / basic “downtime” loop


I'm still super new to the game (~25 hours), and I've been playing Orisa for most of that time, but recently I tried my hand at D.Va and I kinda like her… I just feel like I have a lot of "downtime" where there's not really something to do that specifically screams "D.Va" at me.

From what I understand, the main things to do as D.Va are
a) get out of position enemy squishies or snipers off of high ground
b) peel for my backline when they get dove
c) if there's a Winston, go in with him when he jumps, cover him with DM, do the bubble dance with him, then get out again when he gets out

And I'm always happy to do those. Especially on Escort maps as attacker, the whole "go to the hard-to-reach highgrounds and kill or boop off the Widow / Hanzo / Ashe / Junkrat" gets a lot of use. But when none of those three cases seem to apply, I often don't know what to do with myself. In the beginning I did a lot of "counterflanking", like going through the back and side routes that an enemy DPS might come through, and looking to block those or possibly get all the way behind or to the side of the enemy and pick off a support myself, but D.Va really isn't nearly as tough as Orisa and if I get in a 2v1 situation or run into a DPS that just plays better than me and I'm out of sight of my healers, I can get de-meched pretty quick without gaining any value.

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Then again, if the enemy isn't fully engaging, if the game is kind of in a poke / pre-teamfight phase, advancing with the main tank or taking high ground and firing down doesn't really do a lot because of D.Vas incredibly short range. If I stick with the main tank or backline, I'm not doing any damage with my 10 meter left click, but if I just run off ahead of my DPS and Support to get into effective range, I get de-meched instantly.

Usually I have the most "downtime" (i.e. where I don't know what to do with myself) on pretty open Control maps like Busan Downtown or Meka Base… if there isn't an enemy sniper around and both teams are just brawling it out on the point. Also on Escort maps as defender, especially if the enemy team kinda advances together. So basically mainly my questions are

  1. When there isn't a uniquely D.Va thing that needs doing, do you generally advance with the main tank and just spam / provide shieldbreak? Do you kinda "harry", i.e. booster + LC + MM + melee in, fire for 5 seconds, booster out, get healed, repeat? Do you actually stick to your backline and basically bodyguard them? Or do you just claim the most valuable high ground / most dangerous flanking route around and fire in from there, even at sorta ineffective distance?
  2. Is it ever worth it to use the Ult if you've been de-meched? Usually if half my team is already dead anyway and I get de-meched I try to kill myself as soon as I can to avoid getting staggered, but if 4 or 5 of my team are still alive and kicking I'm not sure. Using Ult puts me back in the fight quicker and basically moves us back up from 5v6 to 6v6, but on the other hand that Ult could have maybe turned another fight later on.
  3. Is it generally a good idea for D.Va to go off flanking on your own if no teamfight is going on? Like if you're defending Numbani point 1 or the last overpass before the church on Rialto, and you're waiting for the enemy team to show up in force, do you leave your team and try to pick off a support in the back or something?
  4. Say you were a Orisa/D.Va Two-Trick, are there any hard criteria for when you'd pick one over the other? I slightly tend towards Orisa if the other tank is Roadhog or Ball, and I also kinda tend towards Orisa on Escort defense, but often times it's kind of a toss-up.
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I know there's not a general one-size-fits-all answer, I hope my questions are specific enough.


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