How All Aim Got me to GM/T500

Good afternoon,

Disclaimer: I am an Xbox player, don't really know if that really changes anything, I am also not really all aim. I do know mechanics, positioning, and I also have pretty good game sense. I HAVE REALLY BAD MEMORY, THIS TIMELINE IS MOST LIKELY INNACURATE. I had a friend group of three. Call me boosted all you want, but I know I'm not. But I feel like I have bad movement and I feel like I look like a bot. This will probably confuse you and I'm sorry, my memory is not so good, nor my grammar/typing skills.

I got this game in late 2017 or early 2018, can't really remember. I started out and really enjoyed the game, I placed gold in open que in season 12 I want to say. I played a couple of more seasons, stayed gold the whole time, then I just stopped playing, which I wish I didn't. Fast forward to April of this year, I got back into the game(season 22) because my friends started to play it again and they wanted me to play. I never played role que before and I was surprised when I saw they added that. I was a DPS player, surprising I know. I placed gold that season and just fluctuated between 2200 and 2400. I started playing when there were like two weeks left. I realized how much of a blast this game was. I decided that I want to be the best player to play this game(I KNOW THIS WON'T HAPPEN). I spent hours and hours on guides, tips and tricks, and just playing in practice range. I also watched a ton of streamers play the game which has actually helped me a ton. At this time I was about a level 100. Fast forward to season 23, I place about 2400, a couple of games after that, I hit plat. I stayed in plat that whole season, I also decided to play tank and support that season. In season 24, I decided that wasn't enough for me, I spent so much time just practicing and practicing. I hit diamond that season at about level 170 I think. This was in the middle of the season, then one of my friends stopped playing, he basically goasted us, not really sure why. I spent the most time in diamond that whole season. I also paid someone to review my vods which has really helped me a ton! Diamond was probably the hardest rank to get out of, I would always get to 3400, but then I would drop to 3200. I was also on the brink of going back to plat again. But I just went on a huge winning streak that got me to masters. I was about level 275 I think. I was really impressed that I was such a low level in masters. I got to 3758 before the season ended. Now it's the start of season 25(current season), a couple of weeks in and my other friend stopped playing, mainly because he couldn't play with me anymore because I was at such a high skill rating. I'll admit, the first month of this season was absolute pain. I went 0-5 in placements and placed at around 3600, I went on a losing streak that sent me back to diamond, then back to masters, then back to diamond, then I finally was a stable masters player. I got to 3800 and would really just go even, win one lose one win one lose one and so on and so forth. I then went on a 5 game winning streak that got me to 3900, I then would just go even again and again and again. But three days ago, I went on a winning streak that got me to GM. I am literally ONE sr into GM and now I'm too afraid to play and go back to masters. The one thing that helped me get here was my aim. I have played many fps. Like COD, Halo, GTA(not sure if that counts), Battlefield, literally name any fps and I've probably played it. But what I notice the most with myself is that I look like a bot when I play. My movement looks so bot like. I do have good positioning and game sense and mechanics.

TL:DR My aim is amazing which got me to GM but my movement is terrible, I look like a bot. How do I get better movement? I know A D crouch spam, but like how do I get better movement?

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