How do you make the best out of a “hopeless” match and stabilize (or even carry) as a Tank?

It is a little hard for me to explain this question with more precise detail since I'm new to the game and haven't even played a lot of hours yet, but I sometimes notice that I'm completely overwhelmed at times. So let me try to portray my problem through an example:

In one match I started out as Sigma, since he is my main for now, and got completely obliterated by the enemy Sigma, who was just a lot better than me. Since through me the frontline was crumbling I decided to switch to Reinhardt. The frontline was okay for now but my teammates still get killed and I notice that enemy Hanzo and Widowmaker sniping us from highground out of my reach without pressure. Also I notice that there is also only Brigitte as an Enemy Support at the frontline. Their Zenyatta is basically sniping us from a safe distance too and their Brigitte is doing a really good job keeping Sigma alive. Their other Tank is D.va attacking our backline and doing some hit'n run Guerilla strats. So my Dps only attack the Tanks and my Support are being constantly harrassed and I'm trying to handle Sig+Brig while keeping my shield up as much as possible so my Teammates won't get sniped too much. My other Tank? He is a Roadhog doing a flanking Marathon to the Sniping nest and fails miserably, since no heal can reach him or when they do they get sniped (btw. this is all happening basically in front of our spawn). A lot of time passes and I was able to pressure their frontline through a narrow alleyway where their snipers couldn't reach us and we are able to reach our payload and push it halfway. But of course my opponents just reposition and everything starts anew. Since our Roadhog decided to stay at the payload and fights on the frontline there was no pressure at their "sniping nest" so I decided to switch to D.va protecting my backline support from the other D.va and disrupting their long range dps from peacefully doing damage to us, but everytime I do that the frontline crumbles again and Sigma can break through Roadhog to destroy us at our payload. So only a few seconds on the clock, half my team is dead and the payload still has a fifth of the way to go, I'm able to take highground, catching their hanzo off guard bursting him down and detonate a D.Va bomb in front of our payload, being able to take down their tanks + support and we could just barely push the payload to the first checkpoint! But that was just luck since my opponents seemed a bit out of position and surprised by my play so the rest of the match they became cautious and I couldn't do anything anymore. When I was D.Va there was no effective frontline protection, when I was Reinhardt, nobody put pressure on their Dps, as Sigma, I was just outmatched and we could not win the match anymore.

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I don't want this to be a "I'm so good and my teammates are bad" story, since I'm sure I made plenty of mistakes too, but I have been wondering how I could have been able to create opportunities to "activate" my teammates potential as a Tank while also juggling the tasks given to my role. The thing is, in that match my Teammates were super passive and it was hard to be even able to move forward. I'm not really into blaming them really though, so I don't want to know what they could have done but more what Tanks in general could do to stabilize a chaotic situation, like the one I portrayed just now, and give room for my teammates to grasp their utility.


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