How do you play support on this game? I think I suck at it. Serious question.

Content of the article: "How do you play support on this game? I think I suck at it. Serious question."

I’m totally new to this server because I’m getting back into overwatch and I’m trying to learn again so please don’t think I’m using sarcasm in this question. (I main Ana, Moria and Mercy, and I recently picked up Zen).

How do you play support on this game because:

  1. Nobody helps me when I get flanked and land a sleep dart. I use the message “I need help” and I will even say it through my mic, but the Rein or Orisa will just stare into space at their barriers when nobody is even in front of them. So I have to run away and worry about them flanking again since their only punishment was a sleep dart.

  2. Nobody kills anything. If there is a Pharah my team will just play on as if it isn’t there so we get killed by her. Nobody ever wants to swap to counter her. I try to avoid telling anyone to swap because I feel that it’s very rude, but even when I ask politely nobody responds because overwatch game chat is broken most of the time for console. I’m Ana so I try but she just flys past my team, gets above me and kills me when she notices that I’m shooting her. This one really happened to me here: There was a Winston in our spawn killing the other healer and I and the team was ignoring him and trying to take the objective without both healers, and then the Zarya asked sarcastically “Do we have any healers? I’m just asking.” I tried to sleep the Winston and run but he would just jump on both of us when he woke up while our team passed us up to constantly attempt a 4v5 on the objective. We even tried swapping through every healer on the list to try and stop the Winston ourselves but no luck. I even took the trouble to nanoboost the other support.

  3. Nobody shoots at enemy barriers. Our Reinhardt will hold his barrier out and his will be destroyed when the enemy rein has a full barrier still. I don’t think I should use ammunition for shooting barriers when I need to use it to heal teammates most of the time, but when nobody is doing it I will do it when I can.

  4. Nobody ever pushes when I land nades on 3 or more enemies. Nobody focuses the Tracer or any other hero that I put an orb of discord on. They just play as if nothing happened.

  5. When I’m healing a tank they will move behind me like I’m the tank which ends up killing me. I promise I will keep you alive, just stay in front of me and keep fighting.

  6. When I nanoboost someone (usually the tank) they will just stay put like nothing happened and not push up to give the team more space. When I use transcendence and push the objective the team normally doesn’t gather. They stay back and fight off of the objective.

  7. No matter how many times I say group up the team will continue to stagger. I stay in spawn trying to get us together for another push as a team.

I am mid gold on both tank and dps, and I am stuck in bronze as a support. I want to become a good support player. My goal is only silver, but I can’t get past the 1,100’s. My win rate for the supports that I use is 40%, which is bad to me because for my tanks and dps it is between 50-60%. I don’t know if I’m playing support right or what. Maybe I just suck at support but that’s what I’m here to find out. I don’t know what to do because I’m so used to not really relying on my teammates that much but as a support it feels like I have to rely on them a lot more since I can’t really kill anything that much. If they can’t kill anything we’re not going to win, if they don’t help me when I’m flanked we’re not going to win, If they don’t help me when there is someone in our spawn we’re not going to win. All of these things consist of teamwork. I don’t know what could possibly be going on through their minds because when I play tank or dps I always make sure everyone is doing well, ESPECIALLY the healers. I make sure they can get to me if I’m low on health also. If someone keeps dying I try to figure out why. It’s like they only focus on what’s going on in front instead of all around. I don’t wanna just blame my teammates because I know that I must be doing something wrong too. I just want to know what it could be. What can I do to fix all of those 1-7 problems as a person that can only solo queue? How do I play support?

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