How I went from Silver to Diamond as a brand new Overwatch Player (Images Included)

I started playing OW in Season 26, which was around the beginning of this year. Here is my journey from Silver to Diamond.

(NOTE: I've had this in my drafts for like 2 weeks, I haven't played Season 32 at all)

Season 26 –> Current Season Stat Overview: https://imgur.com/a/8xEEzNW

General Tips/ Thoughts:

  • I'm not the best player in the world so just take this information at face value and in the context of a diamond player. I don't claim to be the best of the best nor do I want to be.
  • 95% of this was in solo queue. I don't usually play with anybody.
  • I play in Console Pool on a regular Xbox Series S controller.
  • If you truly are hardstuck and want to get better, watch YouTube content and read/ browse forums such as this one to get better.
    • That may sound kind of "try hard-ish" and I don't mean make Overwatch your life, but in your free time just watch pros/ streamers play. I watched a lot of YouTube and Twitch to strengthen my skills.
    • I'll put links to a bunch of guides/ resources that personally helped my game sense improve at the bottom of this post.
  • Learn to play multiple heroes. Overwatch is a game of countering the enemy, so don't be against the idea of switching characters if you have an interest in winning.
    • Play heroes that fit well into your current team composition. Because I solo queue, I usually wait to see what my team picks depending on what role I'm playing.
      • If I'm on Support I try to play around my Tanks. If my Tanks Dive I'll usually play Ana or Zen. If we have Rush or Double Shield/ Poke I'll play Baptise.
      • I usually play hitscan on DPS as they kind of fit into every comp.
    • If you're getting countered… SWAP
      • If I'm playing Widowmaker/ Ashe and I'm doing good, the enemy team will usually take notice/ try to counter me by swapping to Tracer, Genji, Winston, Ball, etc. One Dive hero usually doesn't scare me into swapping right away, but if 2 or more start diving me I'll switch off to someone more viable.
      • I usually play Main Support (Ana/ Bap). Again, one dive hero isn't enough to make me swap right away, but if I'm getting hard dove by a few simultaneously I'll swap to Brig or Moira, depending on the map.
      • If the enemy has a Pharah and you don't have a hitscan or cracked Hanzo, swap. Especially when the Pharah has a mercy. It might be hard to take out single-handedly, but do what you can.
  • You WILL lose games and have bad teammates/ get team diffed. It happens, try not to get in your feelings about it and carry it into the next game. Playing with a clear headspace is key so you aren't playing brainlessly. Take breaks if you need to.
    • I dropped to 2900 SR from my support peak this season and went back up to 3150. I went on a big losing streak and was playing upset. It happens.
  • Try to play in team chat when you can. Even if you don't have your mic on, your teammates might be giving out callouts which is always useful information.

Role Discussion:

Tank: I'm not Diamond yet, but I have gained almost 1,000 SR since I started playing. I only won 2 games on Tank in my first season and they were with Reinhardt. Tank is probably my weakest Role, so I'm gonna be honest here and just say it, I mainly climbed with Hog. I found that low ELO teams don't usually communicate or join voice chat, so playing Hog and not needing that much resources from my team helped out a ton. I understand Hog is a selfish pick, but there's a lot of carry potential. By no means am I a Hog one-trick though. I know how to play other tanks such as well, but when there's no communication and there are no picks being made onto the enemy team, I swap onto Hog for a sort of "solo carry" playstyle. Again, I know Hog isn't really a team player, but it's worked for me thus far. I'm hoping to play more main tank in plat/ diamond lobbies where the communication is better, and I can rely on my teammates more. Not Top 500 advice by any means, but Roadhog got me out of Silver & Gold just by getting a lot of elims and not being resource (heal) demanding. Sorry for not giving any advice rather than "play Hog and carry," but I'm not a big Tank player.

DPS: Probably my strongest (win% wise) yet second most played Role. I play a lot of Soldier: 67. I've always been a Call of Duty player, so hitscans are my essentially my "go to." The most important thing I learned in my journey was target priority. Too often I see DPS players shooting at the Tanks all game without really giving anybody else their focus. I would say Tanks should be your last priority while Supports are your biggest. Flanking is important and ties well into this. If a Rein is holding a choke and both teams are sort of in a standstill, flank and look for a kill onto the Supports or DPS from an off-angle, but don't overextend or linger too long or you risk being dove or killed from another player. On control maps I usually play Symmetra or Reaper since control is a little more like Team Deathmatch in my opinion. Positioning is also key when it comes to team fights. I can't really give in-depth micro (situational) advice on this, but just use your head and play in positions where you can find value (flanking, highground, lines of sight, etc).

Support: My favorite role to play. I solo queue, so I play around my tanks. Learn the different team comps (Poke, Dive, Rush) and play into them accordingly. I run Ana with Dive and Baptiste with Rush/ Poke (aka Spam). I play Main healer because I don't trust my other teammate to heal as efficiently as I do. If my teammate picks Bap or Ana I usually pick Zen or Brig. My biggest tip: you are a SUPPORT not a "healer." Damage the enemy team & do NOT be a heal bot (only heal). When I learned this I climbed the most. Baptiste has a literal ASSAULT RIFLE! Immortality field + good mobility + AR = free SR. I LOVE Bap. Probably my favorite Hero in the game. The amount of value you can get is literally insane. Now, that doesn't mean output damage and not heal your team. Find a balance between the two and you will see results. Position yourself in places where you're not easily targeted by the enemy and ALWAYS be on the lookout for flankers. You are the enemies' #1 Kill Priority so play weary but don't be afraid to make plays. Last but not least, If you're getting hard dove and constantly focused just swap to Brig, ez clap.

General Links:

  • Team Composition Knowledge (Google Slide)
  • Zenyatta Unranked to GM 93% Winrate (


    , &


    • Highly recommend watching these Unranked to GMs, Awkward is funny as hell whilst very skilled, so it makes for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Content Creators to Watch (Good & Entertaining )



  • Highway
    • YouTubeTwitch
    • Unranked to GMs on DPS heroes on YouTube channel
  • Samito
    • YouTube
    • YouTube streamer only. Is known to complain a lot.
  • Chipsa


  • mL7
    • YouTubeTwitch
    • Support GOD, you will learn a lot from watching him.
    • Plays Main support
  • Echoflex
    • YouTubeTwitch
    • Top 500 Lucio one trick
    • Underrated, very funny streamer.
  • KarQ
    • YouTubeTwitch
    • Top 500 Support Main
    • Makes very good, high quality, educational content.

Thanks for reading! Again, probably wasn't the best advice but I figured I would share my personal anecdote with the possibility of helping others. I'm not on here that much, so I probably won't respond to comments or DMs but someone else in this sub might be able to help you if you have any general inquiries.


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