How to deal with a bastion in low ranks.

I am sick and tired of masters+ players yammering about how easy bastion is to counter and how absolute garbage you must be to not be able to counter him. Bastion is a hero which destroys low level teams because they do not have the coordination of a high level team, or just isn't as good/capable of taking out the bastion. As someone who plays against a lot of bastions I have quite a few ways which don't take much skill or effort, and tend to work some of the time.

Starting with tanks:

– Roadhog is a good hero to counter bastion, as you can hook him out of turret as well as apply pressure to shields. Take a breather can allow you to flank and therefor completely ignore shields.

– Dva has good mobility as well as high burst damage with micro missiles. Matrix allows her to fly at bastion without taking much damage, but once it runs out you might just end up feeding.

– Sigma can also work well due to both shield and kinetic grasp, but he lacks good shield break so he is not as effective vs bunker.

Most other tanks will indirectly lead to feeding bastion, or be melted. Rein's charge can be good, but you can't be far away when using it. Other than that Rein, Winston, Ball, Zarya and Orisa can lead to heavy feeding.

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– Bastion is the best bastion counter. If your able to flank you can melt the other bastions hp pool and then destroy the rest of their comp. If you can't flank counter bunker can be a good strategy as well.

– Echo provides high burst damage, as well as unexpected angles. Sticky bombs + focus beam melts bastion.

– Genji works well if the bastion is stupid enough to shoot deflect, as well as being able to jump around the bastion while dealing damage. A good pick if the bastion is dumb or not to heavily supported.

– Hanzo also provides high burst damage, but it is harder to achive than echos. Hanzo can take out bastion with a single full charged shot followed by storm arrows. Even so multiple barriers can make it hard for hanzo to get in his shots.

– Sombra is a good counter as she can hack bastion out of turret, as well as pressure from an opposite angle.


– Ana can sleep or anti the bastion, greatly reducing his survivability and allows other members to confirm the kill with ease.

– Zenyatta can deal high burst damage to bastion with his right click + discord, even taking him out. Do be weary not to peak for to long though, as zen is a large target.

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Hero combos:

Phara-mercy: Bastion has to focus you or the other part of your team, and you can provide good damage while ignoring barriers.

Double Shield: Takes a long time before bastion starts to do meaningful damage, as well as allowing you to push up.

Bunker: double shield but with your own bastion.

Hopefully this helps people counter bastion easier, or just make his life difficult.

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