How to effectively warm-up as Hitscan DPS

Hey! Coach Elephant here. I'm a masters DPS player and the head coach of a collegiate team. I also have my DPS program: Overwatch 0-to-Hero DPS Academy.

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Warming-up is something we all may dread doing because it's boring. However, ultimately the boring things is what gets results. Warming-up effectively can help you avoid that one warm-up game of comp and improve your mechanics day by day.

For all hitscans, we want to start in Tryhard FFA in the custom game finder. Why? Tryhard FFA is the highest quality FFA in the game and it usually has higher-ranked players most of the time. Therefore, it is an amazing place to practice duels against higher-ranked players and almost always get an effective warm-up.

If you can't find it, change the room in game option in filters to off



  • ~5-15 mins of Tryhard FFA on a hero
    • If you're planning on playing 2-3 heroes, warm them all up for at least 5 mins each. Otherwise, try to warm-up 1 hero for at least 10 mins.
  • Practice using natural cover in your duels
  • Understand the duel → figure out how your hero can counter the enemy (i.e. take into account range, abilities to look out for, and how you can use your abilities against them)

Hero Specific:


  • Practice shooting techniques → 1 unscoped followed by the scoped shots
  • Try to understand how you can use dynamite and coach gun to actually win duels
    • Ex. You can coach gun the enemy up and land a easy headshot because the trajectory will be predictable
    • You can use dynamite to deter enemies away or finish them off


  • Sometimes, do a whole warm-up without using flash. Why? It'll help you train your raw aim without the crutch of the flash. Other times, use it, but try to use it for tracers/flankers

Reaper – Some Lobbies may have him disabled so just join new lobby if that's the case

  • Practice using wraith offensively → you can use wraith to avoid stuns or reload your gun to finish targets


  • Practice soldier strafing and helix combos


  • Think about each and every blink. Why? It'll get you into a habit of actually blinking for a purpose and not just to blink
  • Master your blink 180s and 90s here and learn how to win as many duels as you can by figuring out how to outplay them effectively with your blinks


  • Aim


Afterwards, I'd advise you to practice certain abilities in custom games either while in-queue or take another 5 minutes to practice. For example, when I was learning blink pulses, I would spend as much time needed to get 20 blink pulses in a custom lobby.

I'll try to make one for projectiles later this week. Let me know any questions or tips you may have in the comments 🙂


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