How to get over competitive anxiety?

Content of the article: "How to get over competitive anxiety?"

I have really bad anxiety to the point where i feel paralyzed and start shaking uncontrollably. Playing competitive overwatch just makes me so much worse. I always feel like i have to play at my very best and even at my best, its still not good enough. I'm a mercy main hard stuck in 2600 plat and sometimes feel like i dont even belong in this rank and belong in more like silver or bronze. I feel like every little thing i do wrong in comp costs the team and is my fault. Theres a huge language barrier in comp too because i'm in EU and i get alot of arabics, germans, french and spanish who don't even speak english and when they get mad in team chat, i feel like it's at me even though i cant even understand them but its scary. I think i'm too fragile to even play comp overwatch imo. I even started crying one time because i felt like i was doing so bad but we were still winning that i just broke down one game and started crying but was still playing and started cursing at myself to use my brain. It's worse too when i get throwers in my games and dps who can't kill anything. I mainly play quick play to warm up and practice and when i feel like i'm warmed up enough, i'll play comp but even pressing the ready button to Q up for support i get anxiety. Every match too, i check everyones career profiles and see how good they are and that makes me even more nervous. I even get nervous when the enemy team has all silver or plat borders while my whole team is bronze and i know borders dont matter. I cant even play with friends because i have none. I even get anxiety when i see my other support is also a mercy main and i take mercy from them , i can feel them judging every little thing i do. Ive even had games where in the 2nd half of the match, they take mercy off me because they thought they could do a way better job but all i see them do is heal and dont even use damage boost when i had almost 3k damage boost and 10k heals and we were winning but i guess in their eyes, i'm not doing good and they can do better. I worry way too much about stats too. Imo i think my mercy stats are really good. This season so far i have a 68% win rate, healing per 10 is 9k and damage amp per 10 is 1.9k and I know how to position myself and know how to superjump etc but i still feel like im not good enough and wonder why im not climbing when i compare my stats to mercys in diamond or masters and higher and even see mercys who are higher rank than me who only seem to be heal bots and dont use damage boost at all so i'm confused as to what i'm doing wrong.

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