How to play the dirty little pig boy but you want your hand held because you play Roadhog

Roadhog, Streetpig to friends and family, is a weird hero. Here’s how to invest in this piggy bank and get value from it.


Yes, I know what you’re here for. You’re here for wildly inaccurate but extremely easy to remember things. It’s like how we all still think it rains because god cries whenever someone starts to main Roadhog.

  1. You, dirty little pig boy, realize your cooldowns are all up. Specifically you want your little dopamine vape to be ready.
  2. Make a play – try to hook their Reinhardt into your Reinhardt, or leave on a coming-of-age flank where you become a hooker and mature, from pig-boy to pig-man. When you have your vape up, you can be more aggressive.
  3. Complete the play and maximize your downtime. Rotate to a deeper flank, or push up to spawn-camp the Ana you killed, anything. As long as the downtime isn’t spent by inting into the five very angry people you just robbed a life from, you’re set.


Roadhog is a very simple creature. He walks, he hooks, and he deals a buttload of damage. Here’s how you turn our Streetpig into a prize hog.

Roadhog is a tank. The only thing that turns him from a DPS to a tank is his immense girth, so try to use it as effectively as possible.

That means being willing to take deeper off angles to claim space, and staying in them with your breather. You’re still a tank, don’t make your poor DVa tank by herself.

Wait, no, don’t pick the pig if your off-tank is a DVa.


The scrap gun is like a badly written book. It’s slow, hard to get into, and it has the ability to deal a horrendous amount of damage mentally to you, and physically to anyone you hit with it.

The most important thing with this one is to take your time with it. Dirty little pig boy comes from the dirt, let him savor the one money shot he gets every other week. Take your time to make a decision whether you want to left or right click.

You have the HP to spare, and any damage they do to you is more Ult charge for you, and less for them – be calm and properly aim. Sometimes you might want to take a step back to get the right distance for your right click if your target is trying to run away and you can’t close the distance.

Take some time in the practice range and get used to the right click distance – the one-shot with it is the kind of serotonin that clears your skin and numbs the pain of playing Roadhog. But hit someone with the 25 damage right-click pellet and you might as well smash an egg against your face and let it cook off the heat of shame.

Mastery over the scrap gun is the difference between a good Roadhog and a great Roadhog. Alongside timing, game-sense, and knowing exactly what you can get away with when you flank and take space.


The vape is a thing that drives fear into the brains of every flanker who thinks they got the drop on you. Realizing that the little pig you were chasing just powered up by drinking piss like Popeye with his spinach feels like nothing else.

The vape heals for 300, but I tend to use it if I’m around 400HP or below. The damage resistance applies as soon as you move to start guzzling piss like Bear Grylls in… well, anywhere. It does not only apply when you are receiving healing from the ability. The 50% damage reduction is nothing to be scoffed at.

Watch out for heroes that can stop you from filling up on your bodily ambrosia. They hate that you’re brave enough to live life to the fullest and will spend cooldowns to break your vape. Drink responsibly by making sure no one can see you do it (paper bag, break LOS, whatever).

If your vape is on cooldown, any plays you make will be that much riskier and make it much more likely that your team realizes they have a Roadhog and start to flame you. Play safe, you’re the ideal Ult battery but if you die that’s still 450 Ult points that you charitably donated to your opponents.

This is your most important cooldown. If you’re not prepared to pop your lung bits like corn kernels, do not attempt to make an aggressive play.


If you have a mic, screaming incoherently in chat about how huge you’re going adds to the gravitas of what you’re doing. The actual impact you make will stay the same, but the hog is all about deception. Mainly deceiving your teammates into thinking you’re adding more value than you actually are so they don’t flame you.

Everyone knows you want pork to be pink in the middle. Right? Right – so don’t do things that will force you to pop off or int and get roasted. This applies to any hero, actually. Play consistently.

Whole hog will kill anything you hook unless they have a DVA. It also charges fast so feel free to throw this out whenever you think you can get a kill with it. Using it to decimate someone in a 1v1 is more valuable than anything the little pig boy could reasonably expect to achieve in life.

The spread of the whole hog is horizontal. There is no vertical spread except for the recoil that forces Roadhog players to purchase an extra tall mousepad. The pellets themselves also do not have drop off, the reduction in damage just comes from how much more spread out they get.

The knockback is great for cancelling Ults such as blade or primal, make sure to always have a whole hog ready for these kinds of Ults. Otherwise, if the team-fight starts to move in favor of the red team, a whole hog could really disrupt their positioning and their ability to push their advantage. Don’t be too worried to accidentally throw this Ult away on a lost fight if you think it will turn it.

If an Orisa ever goes gold and you have a whole hog available, running up to her and congratulating her on her newfound wealth is a potential way to force them off Orisa.


The one-shot combo is to hook-shoot-melee. The melee animation cancels the left-click so feel free.

Against smaller or malformed hitboxes like Ana or Mercy, move forward when you get the hook before shooting. Against tanks like Reinhardt or Wrecking Ball, I like to jump up and spoon feed them the lead.

Don’t go for the melee on tanks, it lowers your fire-rate and you’re very unlikely to one-shot normally.

There are a bunch of tiny tips and tricks for hooking people, but some of the ones that helped me the most were:

  • Go for easy hooks. If you can hook the enemy rein into your team? Do it. If you have to choose between trying to thread a camel through a needle-hole to hit Ana versus landing a safer hook on a flanking Cassidy, take the safe hook. It doesn’t matter how high value a target is if you have an 80% chance of getting no value at all on a miss.
  • Having said that, even with the new Mercy update, Mercies tend to GA to whoever they look at. Watch their LOS and those straight paths can get really consistent to hook.
  • Watch out for Zarya bubbles when you hook. Either hook out of LOS to the Zarya, or when you think they’re on cooldown. Otherwise, make the pros and cons list and decide if it’s worth popping the bubble for a kill.
  • DVa is perfectly acceptable to hook. She’s easy to nuke down as long as you watch for her DMs. Reply calmly and casually, don’t be overeager. Be slow with the shots you take.
  • The pig boy can turn about 60-ish degrees when hooking someone and still have them end up in front of him. Use this to glance around and seek the attention and praise from your teammates that you didn’t receive from healthier coping methods than playing Roadhog and writing guides. You can also use this to hook people off edges more effectively or even move them around a corner to stop them from easily running away.
  • Like the scrap gun, make sure to take your time aiming your hook. When your brain shouts at you to throw it out, tell your brain to shut up for a second and look again before hooking. Using it at the first opportunity isn’t as effective as using it at the best opportunity.
  • Because I’m confused at heart, don’t be afraid to throw the hook out. Don’t spend so much time looking for the perfect opportunity that you have 3 hooks a game with a 100% accuracy.

Striking a balance with quantity and quality is a skill they teach in economics, and I dropped out of that. It’s kind of a cop-out and I apologize, but this is something you just have to play and learn from experience.

There are countless more tips and tricks that Roadhog can do with the fifth buggiest ability in the game, behind all of Doomfist. But those are annoying to read and would fill pages. Instead, check out people who are actually good at Roadhog, like Cyx.

Watching better players is one of the most effective ways to improve at the dead video game.


Dirty little pig boy is unused to freedom. He is as trapped as his snout is in his muzzle. Let him experience the springtime of his youth and be mobile.

Flank like your chicken dinner depends on it. Pig boy gets no food except for what he hooks and cooks. Constantly be on the prowl, like that creep that’s constantly in the corner of your eye but seems to disappear whenever you try and look at him. You want to put him out of your mind but he’s just living in your head rent-free because you just know he’s totally a serial killer and it terrifies you. That’s a good Roadhog player. They will play similarly in-game.

Roadhog does best between fights. He picks off people who rotate and identifies when there are isolated heroes. When there is none, he can force an isolation with his hook. This is how he gets the most value.

He forces the enemy team to split and peel like a broken lip when he punches them in the face with too many good hooks. He delays the enemy from getting good, full teamfights by having two or more of them preoccupied with giving him attention.

However, when the fight gets scrappy, Roadhog’s hook can work as a surgical scalpel to cut off annoying things like Hanzo on a flank or Ana plinking away at her rein. Roadhog’s hook is a chisel and you can use it to crack open a chink in the enemy’s armor. You’re hopefully joining the fight slightly late and from an angle the enemy team doesn’t expect – this is the peak of whatever value you’re going to get, be slow with the hook.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Don’t rush things.

Watch out for the times where you might be the only peel for your supports if the enemy team is running dive, or if you’re the only one who can flank against a bunker Roadhog is also very good at holding high ground – he’s annoying to dislodge and has enough damage and stun to deter even soft-dives.


Q1: Where have you been?

A1: Applying for visas, applying for more universities, finally getting into a university, then finding my calling as a spokesperson for a cult. But seriously, mental health is rough and self-esteem is even worse so I’ve been dealing with that, mainly.

Q2: What do I do when the other team goes to Pharah-Mercy?

A2: When they go to Pharah-Mercy, their other DPS and support has that much less peel. It’s a lot easier to out-maneuver 4 people rather than 6. The Pharah literally cannot kill you – It takes her five direct hits without your breather, and about nine consecutive direct hits if you vape. Ignore her and try to get value on the ground-front. Otherwise, swap to DVA or prepare maple chips. Pork pairs well with maple smoke and you might as well since you’re already making it easy to get smoked and roasted.

Q3: Why couldn’t you just stay away.

A3: I need attention like baby needs her cocaine.

Q4: Ana’s sweating it out and watching my every move, what do I do?

A4: Ana hard counters you, your best bet is to carefully track her cooldowns. She’s spending a lot of time looking for you and keeping her cooldowns for you like it’s christmas. It’s the least you could do to reciprocate. When you hear nade go out, that’s when it’s okay for you to play aggressively. Otherwise, it’s as if your vape is on cooldown still.

Q5: There’s lots of things here and I play Roadhog so I’m a dingus and it’s hard to remember things.

A5: Wait for the yellow potion to be ready before inting. Take space by forcing people to fight you or die.

Q6: I wonder what the scientific name for pig is.

A6: Don’t do it.

Q7: How do I 1v1 an enemy Roadhog when we come across each other on a flank like two assassins in the night?

A7: In a pure 1v1, never ever hook first. Save your hook for the enemy vape or as a finisher. Otherwise, keep meatshotting him. He will do the same because he understands if he hooks you first, you’re free to vape up and gain a 300hp advantage over him in the 1v1.

Otherwise, you’re fine to hook first if you can drag him into your team or you have Ana supervising you.

Q8: I’ve never touched Roadhog before, when am I ready to get spicy on an angle?

A8: Pretty much whenever you have your piss jug ready, you’re ready to flank. Your playmaking is not timegated by your hook cooldown, but by vape. Roadhog does dummy damage with his scrap gun – poke at tanks with it on a small off angle when your bladder is empty.

Similar to Sigma, Roadhog can be effective at folding the enemy team in half like chess-judo just by forcing the enemy tanks to split or watch their backline fall apart.


It’s Roadhog – have fun with him and don’t feed, and you’ll usually do all right. Your goal is to get picks anyway so as long as you work towards that it should be fine.


Where I explain my absence and plug my side-hustle.

I’ve started streaming semi-consistently as FabledSymphony to hustle for vocal therapy so I don’t sound like I punch myself in the throat in my free time! Here’s the link. I highly appreciate any follows but please don’t expect me to be nearly so wordy and filtered as I am here, most of my time on there is freaking out and trying to overcome pretty severe comp anxiety.

I’ve been kind of out of it the past few months and really only wrote this since I’ve been playing lots of Roadhog recently and yeah. Thanks to all the friends who were crazy patient with me and I’m sorry I’ll probably continue to be a wreck for many more months.

Mental health is important, thank your friends (if you have them, but you’re reading a Roadhog guide and I wrote one), reach out if you need help, and try new things. That’s about it – see you in another half a year? Unless you follow me on twitch. (I have to plug, it’s literally what the hustle is)


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