How would an NYXL with Glister, Ivy, Yakpung, JJanu, Slime, and JJoNak fare against other teams?

Content of the article: "How would an NYXL with Glister, Ivy, Yakpung, JJanu, Slime, and JJoNak fare against other teams?"

Since NY kept JJ and is rumored to pick up Ivy and Yakpung, I was wondering what other pieces could make this a good team. I’m aware of the Gwangboong and Feath5r rumors, but this is more just speculation I guess (also NY hasn’t been afraid to have 4+ DPS in the past).

Because Excelsior still needs a main support and Slime just became an FA, I feel like Excelsior would be a pretty good landing spot for him seeing as Seoul released him in the first place, Shanghai probably wouldn’t want to invest in another expensive MS, Dallas finished their roster, and I don’t really see Justice going for him with Closer (rumored to be doing well in scrims and Justice seems really high on him). The only teams I could see going for him are Charge (who may want a backup to Mandu) and Mayhem, who are full Korean and don’t have an MS yet. Slime is someone who did really well in S2 and was overshadowed in S3, but I still rate him really highly and can’t see him not getting picked up. I feel like there’s a good chance of him going to NY, which is why I mention him specifically.

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As for Glister, this is a lot less likely, but I still feel like there’s a chance for NY to go for him. He’s a proven hitscan who I feel could be top tier with a better team around him. While it is only speculation, I still think he would be a really strong starter for Excelsior and there’s no way they aren’t at least going to try to get him. Right now teams that may go for him are Toronto and maybe Seoul (can’t hurt to have a sub for FITS).

Finally, JJanu is another proven player who already has synergy with Slime, so I definitely see a world when he could go to NY. The only other team I can see maybe is Toronto based on their current expensive Korean roster they’re building. Though if they go mixed (keeping Logix and Beast), I’m not sure if they’ll really want JJanu. Seoul also exists, but they seem pretty committed to Marve1 and they still have Toyou as a 2-way. JJanu has shown a strong Dva, Sigma, and Hog and like Slime / Glister, I don’t really see a world where he isn’t picked up.

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Overall I guess I was just wondering, based on how other teams have been shaping up, how would this starting roster compare to other teams (including rumored pickups)? Glister has shown to be a super strong hitscan who I feel just needs a better team, Ivy is a strong flex DPS, Yakpung is one of the better MTs in Contenders and proved he was OWL level Stage 1 of S2, JJanu / Slime showed high potential in S2, and JJoNak is JJoNak lol (obvious NY bias, though while he isn’t the #1 FS anymore, he’s definitely still solid).

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