I followed the main tip with Orisa and got an 81% win rate in my open queue placements and placed 100 sr higher than I ended last season (PC)

For quick explanation the tip I followed was KarQ's tip of place your shield where you want to be not where you are.

This is not click bait I am just super proud of myself. I have pretty much always been a tank main (also bastion). I have been playing tank since my old school Xbox days (still play Xbox sometimes) and one of the main tanks I play is Orisa. Don't get me wrong, I think she is gutted compared to what she used to be, but clearly I have proved to myself that she is not as bad as I thought. I had a hella low mmr because I used Overwatch as a way to learn mouse and keyboard when switching from console and I sucked. Diamond to silver, not a fun experience. But I did my placements today and won every game I played Orisa. This is probably the best I have ever played (I did switch to Zarya to help my Rein better because they were pushing him too hard and I wasn't helping enough). I ended 1709 last season and just placed 1868. I thought placements did not matter but boy was I wrong. I literally improved my sr from winning game after game as Orisa not just in comp but also in quick play.

The main thing I did which resulted in many many gold medals was put my shield where I want to be not where I am.

Part of why this helps is it compensates for an Orisa's tendency to play too passive and take too long to push. I took a long break between Xbox and PC so this may be something I was doing before but I literally got instantly better from this tip. If you place your shield forward your team can push up to it and you are now way closer. Sometimes the enemy literally just backed up. Sometimes they challenged the shield duel. But when you push through the choke right away (sometimes I just used fortify and walked through it to place my shield) they kinda freak out a bit. Especially when my team destroys the shield or their frontline instantly as a result of having great positioning. Then every time I have my shield I move closer. If I have to back off because my team got left behind or too many died obviously I back up to avoid feeding (big slow 450 health target charges ults real well).

But man I stopped placing my shield on the payload all the time and threw it ahead of the payload and pushed them back. I would jump back and forth between being on payload and pushing them back to make sure the payload didn't stop moving. My team was healing me up and I was mowing them down. Another important tip I have is since you are slow when shooting, when you are getting lit up just stop shooting and move. You can even use it as a chance to reload.

Orisa doesn't have to be the immobile turtle hero like she used to be for me, and I push better with her than I ever have with Rein and it competes with dive Winston.

Basically, I am just really happy and proud of myself.

Also, my actual tank placed 2300 so my tank is not actually in silver, but it carried me 100 sr higher in open queue so I take that as an absolute win. I am giddy with excitement.


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