I think I might know what the Shimada Dragons really are based on Symmetra’s new Short Story!

Content of the article: "I think I might know what the Shimada Dragons really are based on Symmetra’s new Short Story!"

First off I just want to apologize for my English, I hope I explained this well.

I think everyone already guessed that the Dragons themselves are actually made of hard light (same with Symmetra's abilities) and that's what I think too. But how come Hanzo says only the Shimada can control the Dragons? If they really are made of hard light that means anyone that can make things with hard light like Symmetra can probably summon a dragon too (Can you imagine that lol)

But Symmetra explained that she mixes her culture (dancing specifically) with her lightbending, and Vishkar likes sending her to missions because no one uses hard light the same way Symmetra does. That explain why Hanzo says only the Shimada can control the Dragons! but instead of using hard light technology for building, they use it to damage people.

But Dragons aren't the only thing made of hard light that the Shimadas use! If you look closely at Hanzo when he uses storm arrows you can see that there's hand that's very similar to Symmetra's prosthetic hand in her Magician skin.

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I think these might just be visual effects so the animations dont clutter your screen but Genji uses these hard-light arms as well.


Maybe that explains why he literally deflect lava and black holes, its not the sword that deflects them?

An omnic close to Genji has these arms too, but instead of damaging its healing. I think during Genji's time with Zenyatta, he learned how to use his hard light abilities not for damaging or killing but for deflecting. (lets just ignore the gameplay side of the ability lol)


We also have Echo, except instead of one body part, she changes her whole body to look like someone else using hard light

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