I’d like some feedback on my Reaper gameplay and what I can do to both improve and avoid mistakes.

Hey guys, as the title says, I'd like some feedback on my Reaper gameplay in a couple of comp games I did last night. Normally, I'm a pretty competent Reaper as I was taught/learned from a friend that's a better Reaper than I am. For some playstyle context, I know two of the main playstyles for Reaper are either "stealthy, back line flanker" or "frontline tank buster" and I play as a bit of both with more of a lean towards frontliner, as I tend to stick beside or near my tanks, to protect them.

This is one of the two games I played last night that I'd like reviewed: AB6W54 on Nepal. I'm Typhorus.

I think I did sort of okay in the first round, but for the entire game, I was having trouble with dueling the enemy team's Reaper and I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. It was clear to me after rewatching it that by the second round, I was getting annoyed with the other Reaper, considering how I'd be meleeing his corpse every now and then after losing most duels to him in the first round. Overall, I don't feel like I did that well in this game. What can I do better here?

Second game on Busan: 67SF95

After the Nepal game, I dropped into QP to try to cool off a little, lost anyway, and just decided to head back into comp. At about 1:03 onward, I noticed the Mercy on low health and started to focus her. Granted, I got Moira and Mercy eventually, but still, should I have wasted Wraith just to chase her? After that, the enemy Sombra appeared at 1:27 and I went to chase after her, and after about 20 seconds, I killed her. Not sure if I should have left my team just to kill her or not. The only glaring mistake I saw in this round was my DB over Rein's shatter at 2:27. If it wasn't for Reinhardt saving me at the last second, I'd have died, so it ended up being a nearly fatal mistake. I overall don't think I did that bad in this one, besides that nearly fatal DB in round 1. What could I have done better in this game?

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Thank you in advance for any advice/criticism/etc.


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