If the World Cup was happening this year, what would be your 7 man Korean roster?

Content of the article: "If the World Cup was happening this year, what would be your 7 man Korean roster?"

Basically title, what would be your seven man roster (preferably with explanations for each pick) for a team Korea in a hypothetical OWWC 2020. Here is mine:

(Note: I am definitely biased towards NA players because I’m from NA and haven’t been able to catch too many APAC games due to time zones)


Decay – He is one of the most explosive players in the game and is one of the few hitscan DPS players who are top tier on all the long range hitscans as well as on tracer. He can also flex onto some projectile heroes for flexibility and has an elite zarya if needed.

Profit – While I know this is my personal bias showing through as an OG spitfire fan I feel like Profit never fails to prove the doubters wrong. He has grinded to insane levels on so many heroes and in my opinion is one of the most valuable flex dps players imaginable. Remember when profit had a lackluster pharah? Me neither the kid’s a freak on the hero now. A Profit and Decay Tracer Ashe sounds absolutely horrifying, and the best part is I don’t even know who would play which hero.

Doha – Ahhhhh, a Dallas Fuel reunion. Doha rounds out this dps line by covering some of Profit’s projectile DPS gaps (namely echo and doomfist, although I’m sure Profit’s echo has gotten better by now) while bringing an outstanding sombra to the equation. I was considering sparkle initially but I feel like Doha is an outstanding if slightly less talented player on all of sparkles signature picks with added flexibility. I was also considering rascal but profit already fills Mei and pharah duties and Doha covers the echo and genji, and both of them are a bit more proficient when flexing to hitscan than rascal is.

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Smurf – While I initially considered MAG, I’m reluctant to use him because he hasn’t competed on the highest stage yet. Smurf is an undeniably talented main tank with a top tier Winston, orisa, and wrecking ball (and a great Reinhardt too but the poor guy is benched by a C-tier rein one trick in Rein metas LUL). Fearless and Mano were also in the running but I feel like smurf has shown better mechanics than Mano and has a far better orisa than fearless.

Void – There are so many great options for off tank I feel like you can’t go wrong. I chose void because he’s a consistent performer and major playmaker on every off tank. His sigma, dva, and zarya are amazing and while I haven’t seen his roadhog I’m sure he’s strong on him as well. Fury, Choi, Hanbin, Gargoyle, and Crong are other amazing options that easily could have taken the spot.


Viol2t – Other teams: Noooooo you can’t play Zen in playoffs Ana is definitely meta he won’t work. Viol2t: Hahaha orbs go brrrr I think I’ve made my case.

Leejaegon – Main support is honestly a pretty weird position to pick for. First off, this is the only position that arguably is more stacked with western talent than Korean talent. Imo moth would be a shoo-in if he was Korean for his superb shot calling and perfect levels of measured aggression on lucio. In addition, main support is becoming almost a thing of the past as double flex support is being run more and more nowadays. I felt like leejaegon is the best pick for this spot as his mechanics are absolutely undeniable. While he can tend to play over aggressive and feed, the value his mechanical skill brings to the table should more than make up for his occasional missteps.

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What do you guys think? With a Korean roster there are so many amazing options that I can honestly imagine four or five entirely different teams that I would agree with.

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