I’m losing the will to keep trying

Content of the article: "I’m losing the will to keep trying"

In hindsight after writing this its kinda ranty so tl;dr: I feel like the game is constantly working against me and im losing my passion for playing competitively.

So I know the game usually works on a basis of for every time you get stomped, you'll have a game where you stomp. And that there are also some really good, close games where your own individual performance really does make that extra difference. But I feel like lately I've just been getting the bad games. Im an average 2800 Tank player, MT mostly but I can flex to most off Tanks happily, peaked at just over 3k several times on Tank and I always try to keep as positive an attitude as possible. This season though I've felt like every game I played on Tank the OW gods were pushing me back. Game after game of DPS players instalocking Hog and feeding, Support players who seem incapable of healing, let alone supporting and of course the odd thrower or leaver. I dropped to 2600 after dancing around 2800 and never got higher.

This week though I've felt it the worst. Usually I'm OK with losses, I know its how the game goes and im fine with just GG go next. But this week I've felt like no matter how well I play, what heroes I pick, I cant do anything. And to top it off I've been being matched into 2400 average games, several with Silver duos while I'm sitting at 2600. I don't know if the matchmaker is getting confused and shoving me way down because I've lost a bunch of games in a row or if its end of the season garbage matchmaking but its really depressing to know that im a solid player for my rank to be shoved way down almost a whole rank lower than I usually play at and it being even harder to climb out because I'm still being matched into what feels like the losing team every match. Its making me lose my drive and in some cases almost make me want to give up. I haven't rage quit a comp game since probably S5 but I've come so close this week and even then it's more of a sad quit.

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I guess this is more of a rant than anything else but I came back to OW recently after a few months break and really want to get back to loving the game. I know I'm playing well, well enough for my usual rank and I know you can't win em all. But its been really hard to keep up a positive attitude when I que for my main role, a role I've consistently been performing well at for nearly 2 years now to see myself in games 300, 400 and even 500 SR lower than where I know I belong.

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