Is Losing a 5v6 My Fault in Bronze?

Content of the article: "Is Losing a 5v6 My Fault in Bronze?"

I think I might be in a leaver queue or something lol because I have a lot of competitive games with leavers. Despite hardly ever having left a game of competitive and rejoining all but I believe a single time when my computer fully crashed, I get leavers in a significant portion of my games whether from my team or the enemy team. Sometimes they rejoin, sometimes not, and often if immediately the tide is heavily turning in favor of a certain team then one team member from the losing side will immediately leave and cancel the match, or leave and then the rest follow 2 mins later.

Sometimes I encounter 5v6 games and I recently had quite an interesting one. At about 970 SR (close to my all time high so I'm a really bad player lol) I played a game in which initially we were losing, but we took control of the payload and that's when a teammate decided to leave and not rejoin. It took a significant effort to get it farther and we got crushed on defense, along with a dose of flaming from a tank of ours.

Getting a takeaway from a 5v6 game can be difficult. Because one team has such a heavy advantage going into every teamfight, it's tough to say how I could've won this game. Because theoretically even perfect gameplay couldn't win a 5v6 in some cases, but I don't know if that applies to bronze.

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The community's attitude towards bronze seems to be that you can win there without a monitor. So the normal rules don't seem to apply. Perhaps a gold player would find a 5v6 like the game I played easy. And it's not like 5v6s haven't been won before, in fact I personally had a really nice 5v6 win in the 800s thanks to a good team and snowballing. So I try to analyze this game and see what I could've done, and I run into an issue of what strategies I could've taken. I essentially need 3 picks rather than two to win the fight. And on top of that I have little way to know if I was capable of winning a 6v6 or if I did enough work that game.

Are 5v6 losses something to worry about because it's bronze, or should I just dismiss it as a pre-lost game as I probably would if this were plat or something. Thanks! 🙂

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