It’s perfectly fine to be BRONZE, SILVER, or GOLD years into your OW career, here’s why

You guys really need to be less hard on yourself for being in Bronze, Silver, Gold.. it's not an easy game… Not only "nubs, morons, etc" are in those ranks.

This game is complicated AF.

If played correctly, it's 3 dimensional Chess at 100 mph

Overwatch is like the old Texas Hold Em line – "It takes minutes to learn, a lifetime to master"

Why? because if you know how to use a mouse and WASD, you've officially "learned" Overwatch and can enter competitive without any other barriers to entry.

Mastering Overwatch is not easy, let say this again…Mastering Overwatch is not easy!

This cannot be overstated. Very few people pick a game up with this high of a skill ceiling, go to GM after a few weeks, and move on to a game less likely to induce tears. This game is addictive because of how high the skill ceiling is while keeping the barrier to entry extremely low. "Minutes to learn, lifetime to master"

Why say it's hard to master? It's just a shooter game right? Wrong

The math alone is staggering when you look at it from an education perspective. It's easier to learn the periodic table or just about any other classroom dataset than master the overwatch university.

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32 heroes with 3-5 abilities / primary fire.
– That's 120 "moves" you should know the name of, cost of the ability, and its basic damage output
– Now you should know how the 31 other heroes and their 120 moves interact and can beat your main heroes or roles
– Learn all 21 maps and health pack locations
– Learn all 21 map's starting points, nades, cheese chokes, flanks, etc

I'm sure someone more comfortable with math can work out the number of possible counter combinations you'd have to learn per hero but it's ridiculous… that being said, like any other problem, break it down into smaller tasks and do one foot in front of the other.. very few people are prodigies.. they're just outworking your lazy butts! (or more likely, using their time more efficiently to get better faster)

Thanks for letting me rant,

Al, the angry llama

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