Latest tease confirming the Fox beatmaster hero? Overwatch 2 apparently coming soon ? So hype, been waiting so long

Content of the article: "Latest tease confirming the Fox beatmaster hero? Overwatch 2 apparently coming soon ? So hype, been waiting so long"

First of all, i'm so happy to make hero speculation threads again. I used to love writing and participating in those when the game was in his prime.

I though i'd try to do a bit of a constructed analysis post just like we used too, back in the days of analysing Hammond's toys on Horizon


If you're not aware yet, the latest teaser (just getting teasers again feels great lmao) mentions some interesting details about upcoming characters, related to Japan and the Shimada clan.

Namely :

  • they like blades and blacksmithing

  • they have a connection to the Fox spirit, I imagine in the same way that Genji and Hanzo do with the Dragon.

  • the daughter of the family was just gifted a cool blade

If you followed Overwatch news around Blizzcon last year, you'll remember this article from Gameinformer that got a glimpse at some OW2 heroes in the form of silhouettes.

One of these silhouettes was described as this :

a female with short hair. At her side and standing up to her knees was a fuzzy little critter with pointy ears and an equally pointy tail. It looked like a fennec fox, but with longer ears and a more aggressive stance. The hero of note wielded a giant four-sided weapon, which is somewhat similar to the shuriken used by Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII, but much thicker.”

Sounds familiar right ? The fox, the blades… it just checks out.

It seems likely that the character described in this letter could be one of the new overwatch 2 heroes.


Look, i love the beastmaster archetype. I'd even play it in DnD 5th Edition. I've made a big post 2 freaking years ago explaining what a beastmaster was and asking for one in Overwatch.

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You can go read that if you want to go deep on why it would be awesome, but the TL;DR is that :

  • it's one of the few classic archetypes that Blizzard hasn't exploited yet (we have the knights, the gunslingers, the angel, the ninja, the bowman…)

  • it's a great way to showcase a character's personality through his relationship with a trusted pet and would make for some great animations, emotes and the like (just look at Orisa and her puppy, or Brig and her cat for confirmation)

  • it opens the doors for tons of new ideas regarding abilities and gameplay, while having lots of flair and personality.

  • cute pets. It's never a bad thing.

The mention of the fox being part of the character's main silhouette, the focus on the animal in today's letter, gives me hope that Blizzard is finally adding a summoner/beastmaster to OW.

There's also the fact that the devs always made clear that they don't want characters repeating traits and gameplays seen in others. Seeing as we already have a character with a "just for flair" pet (Bastion and Ganymede) and a character that uses a companion for her ultimate (Ashe), the only step left for a pet hero would be to use said pet for standard abilities.

Why is this good news for Overwatch 2 ?

First of all, it looks like the game is finally picking up speed in the marketing department again. Today's drop is more substantial than the maintenance content we had before. We had a few "challenge events", we had a few lore drops ; but we never had a brand new map, even less alongside BOTH a teaser and an event. Seems like Blizzard want to bring attention to the game again.

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Second, and even if it seems obvious… Echo was the LAST OW1 hero. The devs said so themselves. So any new hero would have to be for OW2. Alongside this, Jeff specifically said in the latest dev update that the new map contained hints towards OW2 content, and little teasers for that new hero are all over that new map.

The instagram version of the letter also showcases the OW2 logo, reinforcing the idea that this is teasing OW2 content.

This could be great for 2 reasons :

  • These teasers, ever since the Sombra ARG, were never too drawn out. They came out weeks before the hero was revealed, never more than a month.

  • you know what's next month ? Blizzcon ! or the covid-friendly online version of it anyway. But still… Usually a place where new heroes are revealed, and where OW2 news are confirmed to come.

So it may be a bit optimistic, but i think Blizzard dusting off the hype maching and starting it again may indicate a near release for OW2, on top of possibly confirming the best character archetype ever coming to the game.

Thanks for reading!

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