looking for a friendly coach/vod reviewer/personal trainer type, will pay! (hitscan dps)

Content of the article: "looking for a friendly coach/vod reviewer/personal trainer type, will pay! (hitscan dps)"

hi, my names rielle!

im not really sure how to approach this, or how to even ask for this, but im looking for a coach/trainer sort of? this is a paid position, would prefer oce players. must be super friendly and understand i have mental health issues – i would really like only valuable information and tips. i dont want to be called bad or insulted, positive progress and reinforcement only! 🙂

to summarize: im really into fps games and i really would like to play them at a high tier level someday. i would love to play for contenders teams maybe, that is my end goal i think? i have maybe 3k hours in fps games total but up until this point i have either been too casual or cared too much about aim to focus on anything else (and in turn, i have decent aim but lack in every other area possible) so… i am really lost!!! whenever i play i worry everything im doing is wrong or i make big mistakes and dont notice them.

i have received a small amount of coaching from a gm/ex t500 tank player, but i am not a tank player. i mostly play mccree/soldier but ive been trying echo, i previously dished out a lot of hours into genji/dva but i mostly play hitscan dps now.

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about money: i will pay you perhaps at an hourly rate, im not sure. basically i dont want to waste your time. things id love to do/would prefer: vod reviews, live coaching, self reviews (reviewing your own gameplay and explaining your thought process etc) or just letting me watch you play, thats cool too! id just like to learn and improve. im super open to being friends too 🙂

i could probably pay around $10 an hour but im not sure if thats too much or too little.

TL;DR: paid position – looking for a friendly coach, $10-15 an hour (negotiable!), primarily a hitscan player looking to improve, grow and learn. oce players with lots of experience preferred, masters+ only?

thank you for your time. feel free to delete this if it doesnt belong here! any advice at all is appreciated about how i should go about receiving coaching!!! 🙂 feel free to dm me as well if you're interested or have any questions! ill be very picky because i am really stressing the friendly thing haha. i wont plug any gameplay or socials here but feel free to ask for them through dms!

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