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Does anyone have some advice for me? At the end of last season, i went on a 15-ish game losing streak and fell from high plat to low plat. I play mostly ana and bap and try to follow the advice of trying to get picks while healing rather than just healbotting. I noticed that a lot of the time players in plat do not like to use natural cover and waste a lot of time face-tanking damage or wasting shields. I often try to go for nades or just regular old damage but, more often than not, I end up leaving my team to die even if they were not in immediate danger prior to my leaving, forcing me to play less offensively to keep them alive. Don't get me wrong, I don't have the greatest aim, but I can hit pharah's and echo's out of the sky and sometimes I feel obligated to challenge pharah mercy because nobody else can/wants to. I occasionally duo with a friend who mains hog and it seems that we just run into some extremely unfortunate games where we do really well to start off and our team just crumbles after the first round. Not to mention the overwhelming number of throwers and people who do not acknowledge any important callouts. Back to the losing streak though. I know I might get the "maybe you belong in gold because you can't carry" or something but I'd like to think I at least deserve where I climbed to mostly solo, which was 2900 or so. Going on that losing streak was probably something that could have been prevented had I just taken a break, but I kept feeling that I would be left frustrated after ending a day so much lower than I started. I'm trying to break that mindset this season but after that streak, I ended up having to get placed 400sr lower than my peak only to get faced with yet another losing streak (only 4 games so far lol) due to the same issues (and a few more): I'm forced to play in such a way that I get less value in order to help my team out of careless situations, I get teammates who will feed/throw and their doing so causes the entire team to give up, empty comms and severe lack of communication or acknowledgment of callouts, and I guess just my complete inability to do the work that some of my teammates can't. I've tried suggesting to my teammates that we counter an oppressive pick rather than forcing them to play specific heroes. I've tried playing support aggressively rather than defensively. I've tried communicating more effectively. It just feels like I'm at a complete disconnect with who I play with or I'm just the unluckiest human in the world. I've wanted to try playing with a teammate who can combo with me but none of my friends play anyone like that. If you're willing to try playing with me, go ahead and leave your name 🙂

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