Lost lamb 1400 Ana seeks Shepard after 600SR drop & Toxic Team Chat. (Console, Bronze, Havana)

Content of the article: "Lost lamb 1400 Ana seeks Shepard after 600SR drop & Toxic Team Chat. (Console, Bronze, Havana)"

Hi everyone.

Replay Code: AV2J25, Blue Ana, "Thomkat_"

I've been playing Overwatch since Season 1, but only took learning and improving seriously several seasons ago. I abused Moira and climbed into gold, before taking a long break from the game. Upon returning, I decided to focus on improving my skills rather than just exploiting abilities. I was also a rusty potato and dropped to around 1200 SR before climbing back up to around 1400.

I've mainly been playing Ana this season and have been trying to work on my cool down usage, positioning, and game sense. In reviewing this replay, I see some moments where I use cover really well and some places where I follow my tanks into No Man's Land and get killed.

I wanted to review this game because both DPS said that I was throwing the game and the reason for the team loss. I asked them to help peal for me with the Reaper after defense, but they both doubled down that I needed to switch. As they were toxic, I didn't and tried to play my best. We eventually stalled out on point 2 of attack and the game ended with both of them blasting me to quit the game. I feel like I played well, so part of my desire to have this match Vod Reviewed is to find out if I was wrong.

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In watching my play, I see a lot of:

  1. Following 2 or 3 members of my team into a fight against 6 of the enemy.
  2. Alight positioning at the beginning of fights that I don't rotate from–so I get killed.
  3. Some missed nades & sleeps.
  4. A lack of DPSing.

I know stats need to be contextualized, but I ended with 45% unscoped & 55% scoped shots and around 9.5k healing.

Thus–what else are my bronze eyes missing? What should I do when my team is trickling? What else should I try to work on? Was this loss on my stubbornness? Edit: Also–who should I be trying to target with Nano? I feel like I got it often but I only got one Nano assist.

Thank you for any feedback you have!

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