Mei Brawl vs Doomfist Brawl

Hi Competitive Overwatch, I'm Temporal, former top contenders coach current coach for hire as well as content creator, and today I wanted to cover how to play against the Doomfirst Brawl comp that has been rising in popularity, which that we saw plenty of in the most recent contenders tournaments. Here is a video (only 10 minutes) that explains exactly how this is done including examples of Revival executing correctly and incorrectly https://youtu.be/n_JIXXPdTyo

For those of you that don't have video access right now though the basic principal is very similar to when GOATS played against Sombra GOATS (And those of you that were around at the time will remember that Sombra GOATS ultimately was a gimmick that while difficult to play against if unpracticed in the match up did really lose out to a well run regular GOATS. Will DF Brawl be the same…?) In essence, the win condition for the DF team is that their core and the DF (whether he comes in from the core or not) get to execute their aggression onto the regular brawl team at the same time as each other. Their explosive offensive power is such that they will overwhelm the regular brawl team if they are allowed to do so.

The tradeoff however for the raw explosive engagement power is that their poke game is weak. While Mei isn't an exceptional poke hero, she beats out DF left clicks and that does allow the regular Brawl team to put pressure, or a timer on the DF team to act (usually anyways, defense/ game timer and superior positioning to upgrade poke can act as counter weights against that need to act). What this ends up meaning is that the standard win condition for the regular team is to not let the DF and core engagements happen at the same time. This is accomplished by staying just outside of the range that the DF team’s frontline can effectively engage and poking. The superior poke means that eventually (in most cases) the DF will have to force it. When the DF comes in, the regular brawl team needs to kite the DF team’s front line while their team hard peels the DF. This peel can involve, DM, flash, regen burst, boops, you name it. The regular brawl teams Reinhardt understands that he will not be getting many resources to protect him, but that's okay, because he and his team are kiting (there is no wall to trap him in this match up) and ideally his Mei has also hit a wall to slow down or deny all or part of the DF teams core from advancing. DF should not get an elim against all of the peel that is available. Even if he gets a bubble. After DF uses his ability cycle he has to leave (or be eliminated which is fine with the regular Brawl team too)

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Now this part feels bad. Even though the regular (Mei) Brawl team feels like their down resources in the form of health and CDs, they NEED to push the DF teams fight line RIGHT NOW. The DF will be stuck out of the fight for 3-4 seconds (if he wasn’t eliminated). The Mei team has to resist the urge to stabilize (it’s tempting) but it’s not the play. Instead push in and trade with the DF team that is now 5v6ing the regular Brawl team. They will try to kite a bit, but they aren’t effectively set up to do so, as they were already running in to try and execute their win condition of being in at the same time as their DF. This is where the regular Brawl team either picks off an elim or builds their own resources lead. From here it branches, may be clean up, may be try to kite aggression again, but this is how the fight is played from a regular (Mei) brawl comps point of view. The one topic that we haven’t covered that I expect there will be questions on is punches. Punches will either be to exit, an all-in to try and get a finish after his slam and upercut (which means his bubble should have been destroyed by now and he's very stoppable and honestly okay to lamp because you will elim him if he uses his 3rd ability for an elim attempt and doesn't have ult) or an opener. If they're an opener the regular brawl team has to prioritize having DVA body block the (usually predictable) opening punch so that a squishy doesn't get OKO'ed.

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Okay I hope that was enlightening, and even leads to the level of organized play surrounding this match up increasing. Once again please do take a look at the video https://youtu.be/n_JIXXPdTyo as that will show you an actual execution (powered up with ults on both sides but not ultimately changed by them) as well as a failed execution. Happy Easter, and hope you enjoy!


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