My Concept for Tracer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Tracer (Overwatch) “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Concept

(This is assuming that Tracer is released sometime around or after the launch of Overwatch 2. Because of this, some content from Overwatch 2 will be included as a way of directing attention towards it, which I think would be a smart business strategy, similar to what they did for Byleth.)

For the sake of keeping this list short, I’ll only be mentioning the noteworthy attacks that she would have, so moves like grab/throws or aerials could be given generic animations as there’s not much to reference there.

Her primary fire (Both neutral and side tilt) would be similar to Mega Man’s and Steve/Alex’s, where she would be able to shoot while running. Her firing rate is extremely fast, just like in Overwatch, but she also does a very small amount of damage with each shot. You could easily see what I mean by looking up any sort of Tracer gameplay on YouTube and seeing how much damage her gunshots do to enemies. Tracer is also unable to “run” like most characters are by quickly tapping the stick (meaning she also has no dash attack), but to accommodate for this, her walkspeed is VERY high. Tracer is one of the fastest characters yet, maybe tied with or only slightly slower than Sonic. She may be hard to hit, but she’s very light in terms of weight, and will be pretty easy to launch using heavy attacks like Smash Attacks or slower, more powerful special moves. Her grab attack would be the same as her Melee in overwatch, where she hits the enemy with her pistol before spinning it backwards so it's positioned correctly in her hand. (Here’s a video of someone melee-ing several times in a row so you can see the animation:

Her specials would be as follows:

  1. Neutral: Blink – Like in Overwatch, Tracer would have the ability to manipulate time and blink forwards, almost like teleportation. She would get three blinks just like in the original game, and there would be a cooldown for each to be regenerated. Because there is much less room to move around in Smash than in Overwatch, the length of the blinks would be much shorter, about the width of Tracer herself. This would prevent her from blinking off-stage. Also, if she blinks while on the ground, she will stop at the ledge and will not blink off-stage, similar to Ike’s side special. However, if Tracer is in the air, she can blink over the side of the map, so be careful! Tracer would also be able to blink while moving as well as standing still, so her Neutral and Side specials are the same.
  2. Side: Blink (See above)
  3. Up: Chronal Leap – Tracer blinks twice upward to recover. Very similar to Pikachu’s up special. Does not require blinks to use or have a cooldown, but does no damage to foes. It’s strictly a recovery. It covers a lot of distance, and it’s a very good recovery, but Tracer is also very lightweight, so she would have to worry less about falling off at the bottom of the screen and more about being launched upward or to the sides.
  4. Down: Recall – This would be a first for Smash, where a fighter would have a move that allowed them to restore health or damage without eating an enemy’s projectiles like Lucas’s down special. Recall would work just like it did in the games, where Tracer would disappear as she travels back in time and reappear back where she was three seconds prior, also removing any damage she’d taken during that time. This would also be a good way of recovering as she could easy Recall back up towards the ledge. HOWEVER, if Tracer hasn’t taken any damage in the past three seconds, she won’t recover any, making Recall much more valuable as a way of negating a big attack rather than recovering or as a form of mobility. (So in this way, it’s less of a “healing” move, and more of a counter in my eyes.) Just like in the game, Recall would have a cooldown time of 12 seconds before she could use it again, and the time would be shown in the UI next to her damage percentage, acting just like it does in Overwatch.
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Tracer’s Final Smash would be Pulse Bomb, which is also her Ultimate ability in the original game. This is a unique Final Smash, as it would have two different effects depending on how it was executed. Some context for those who haven’t played Overwatch: In the game, Tracer’s Pulse Bomb has an area of effect explosion that deals damage to whoever is near it when it detonates, but she’s also able to stick the bombs onto a specific enemy which guarantees that it will do a certain amount of damage that’s high enough to instant-kill most characters in the game. Translating this into Smash was a bit tricky, but I’m proud of how it turned out. It sounds a bit more complicated than it actually is, but here’s a detailed description of what it would do:

When the player presses the Special Move button to activate her Final Smash, Tracer will throw a Pulse Bomb out directly in front of her. If she is unable to stick it to an opponent, then it will stick to whichever surface it lands on and will detonate after a few seconds, dealing damage to any enemies who are nearby. However, if she’s able to stick it onto an enemy, something different happens: The Pulse Bomb will take a few seconds to detonate as usual, but it will stick to that enemy fighter up until it explodes, allowing others to be caught in the explosion during multiplayer games. When the Pulse Bomb explodes while stuck to an enemy, a special cutscene will play. It shows a team-up attack, similar to Mega Man or Shulk’s Final Smash: Tracer, Genji, Reinhardt, Lucio, Brigitte, Echo, Mei, and Mercy all attack the enemy from multiple angles. These are all of the characters that were shown to be the most prevalent in the PvE story campaign for Overwatch 2. It is unknown if they would use their designs from the original Overwatch or the redesigns from the sequel, although I’d guess they would use the originals due to them just being so much more recognizable. After the cutscene ends, Pulse Bomb would do a great deal of damage and knockback, but if the enemy stuck was over 100% after the cutscene ended, they would be instantly killed, similar to Simon/Richter Belmont or Zelda’s Final Smash in Ultimate. A video of Pulse Bomb (as well as her other abilities) being used in action can be found here:

Similar to most of the Smash newcomers, Tracer would have her own custom UI next to her portrait and damage meter at the bottom of the screen, no different from other fighters like Cloud, Steve, etc. It would be styled after the UI in Overwatch, and would show her blinks (They would update in real-time as she used them or gained them back), as well as the cooldown time for Recall.
Alternate Colors:

  1. Classic (Her default look, both in Smash and Overwatch.)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/9/91/Tracer_classic.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20160824122841
  2. Electric Purple (A basic Rare skin that serves as a simple recolor)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/e/e1/Tracer_electricpurple.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20160824122922
  3. Hot Pink (A basic Rare skin that serves as a simple recolor)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/a/af/Tracer_hotpink.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20160824122943
  4. Neon Green (A basic Rare skin that serves as a simple recolor)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/8/8c/Tracer_neongreen.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20160824123011
  5. Royal Blue (A basic Rare skin that serves as a simple recolor)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/5/5d/Tracer_royalblue.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20160824123026
  6. Posh (A popular Epic skin that, while more interesting, is still just a simple recolor and would be easy to develop)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/9/99/Tracer_posh.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20160824123136
  7. Cadet Oxton (Her outfit from the Archives events in Overwatch, lore-based.)
    1. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/overwatch/images/3/34/Tracer_cadetoxton.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20170413033432
  8. Overwatch 2 (Her redesigned look for OW2, appears during the entire story campaign of OW2)
    1. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8a/2d/9c/8a2d9c9afd170da629ed9508ffd8aa25.jpg

I have two ideas for the stage: I think that either Watchpoint Gibraltar (

) or King’s Row (

) should be the area where the stage takes place. King’s Row is the hometown of Tracer, as well as the setting for a big part of Overwatch’s plot. Watchpoint Gibraltar is also the setting for a lot of important plot points in the lore, but it’s also the home base for all of Overwatch as an organization, and it will play a huge part in the plot of Overwatch 2’s campaign.

Regardless of which area was picked, the stage would be a flying stage along the lines of Wuhu Island or New Donk City, where a platform took you around the entire map. At set points, the platform will disappear and let players fight on the actual terrain itself, before reappearing after a while and moving locations, similar to the Lumiose City stage. Occasionally, you will also be able to see characters from Overwatch duking it out in the background, though the players won’t be able to interact with them. I think that for Watchpoint Gibraltar, a cool place for the platform to disappear would be the long bridge up in the air right outside of the attacker spawn room at Point A. For King’s Row, I’m borrowing an idea I had for a Castlevania clock tower stage: I think it’d be cool if the fighters could land on and fight on top of the arms of the giant digitalized clock tower in King’s Row.
Music Tracks: (This may be an unrealistic number of tracks, even though most of them would be originals that wouldn’t need to be remixed or remastered. I tried to be realistic with the number of new remixes and also cover all the bases, and I think I did an alright job with it, but it may be a bit much.)

  1. "The World Could Always Use More Heroes" – New Remix
  2. “Victory” + “Rally the Heroes" – New Remix
  3. “Victory” – Original game OST
  4. “Time is Running Out!” – Original game OST
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vfWWr90jqE
  5. “Alive” – Original game OST
  6. “We Move Together as One” (Lucio Speed Boost Music) – Original game OST
  7. “Rejuvenescência” (Lucio Healing Music) – Original game OST
  8. “Zero Hour” – New Remix

    1. (For reference/example of what the remix could sound like)
  9. “Watchpoint Gibraltar” – New Remix
  10. World of Overwatch Medley – New Remix (Because this is a medley of many different shorter songs and map themes from the game, I think that this is much harder to compose and also a lot less likely to have included in the game, but I added it here regardless just because it sounded so cool. I’m not going to link every map theme individually, but I have linked a playlist where you can find each one.) I also may have left out some themes, as I tried to pick only the most well-known and memorable maps and theme songs, and I tried to order them so that each song would transition nicely into the next. I also found a video on YouTube (

    ) where someone has already done a concept extremely similar to what I'd envisioned, so definitely go check out their video if you want to get a feel for the idea I had here. This is the order in which the songs would be heard in the medley:

    1. King’s Row (I think it’d be cool to start with the theme of Tracer’s hometown)
    2. Watchpoint Gibraltar
    3. Blizzard World
    4. Horizon Lunar Colony
    5. Eichenwald
    6. Hollywood
    7. Oasis
    8. Temple of Anubis
    9. Hanamura
    10. Busan
    11. Route 66
    12. Dorado
    13. Junkertown
    14. Lijiang Tower
    15. Nepal
    16. Volskaya Industries
    17. Ilios
    18. Rialto
    19. Example of what this could sound like:

      (Not made by me, credit goes to Pabliski Malinowski)

Tracer’s victory theme would be a remix of the “Victory” fanfare from the original game OR a remix of the “Zero Hour” theme, depending on the circumstances, but I think “Victory” is more likely because it’s more recognizable as the sort of “main theme” for Overwatch.
Tracer’s Classic Mode would be called “The World’s Heroes,” referencing Tracer’s popular catchphrase, “The world could always use more heroes!” This would be centered around the main protagonists, or “heroes,” of each popular franchise in Smash. You’d fight Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus…all the main playable Nintendo characters that everyone knows and loves. The final boss would either be Giga Bowser or Crazy Hand, though I’m leaning towards the latter because it’s a more generic evil boss than Bowser, who is specifically just Mario’s arch-enemy.

For the DLC Spirit Board spirits, I think that they should include as many heroes as possible that didn’t already have some form of representation, meaning that both the Mii Fighter costumes and the characters that appear in Tracer’s Final Smash cutscene would be prioritized AFTER heroes that haven’t been mentioned yet, like Zarya, Moira, Zenyatta, Orisa, Hanzo, Ashe, etc. I do however think that having Mercy, D.va, and Reinhardt spirits would be extremely smart due to how popular they are, but I’d prefer having them as Mii Costumes rather than Spirits if it meant that other heroes could be represented as well via becoming Spirits. I also think that, if he wanted to, Sakurai could eventually add a Spirit for EVERY character in Overwatch and release them on the regular Spirit Board like he’s done with other games in the past. (Pokemon: Sword and Shield, for example, were released after Smash, so he made a few spirits of the characters from that game a few months later and added them into the regular Spirit Board as a small free DLC bonus, no purchase needed.) Any spirits that also had Mii Fighter costumes would also use said costumes in their Spirit Battles.

As previously mentioned, there would also be several Mii Fighter Costumes that would release around the same time as Tracer, and most, if not all of them would be modeled after other Overwatch characters that weren’t able to make it into the game as playable fighters. These would include:

  1. Reinhardt (Mii Swordfighter, with his rocket hammer as the sword)
  2. Genji (Mii Swordfighter, his sword is self-explanatory)
  3. Mercy (Mii Swordfighter, her staff would act as the sword)
  4. Lucio (Mii Gunner)
  5. McCree (Mii Gunner)
  6. Soldier 76 (Mii Gunner)
  7. D.va (Mii Gunner, obviously she wouldn’t have her mech so it would just be pilot baby D.va’s popular jumpsuit and her hand pistol)
  8. Doomfist (Mii Brawler)

Also, something else that I think would be cool but that I know they’d never implement:What if there was an option to use a characters voice as the Mii Fighter’s voice if you had certain costumes equipped? Here’s an example: Imagine you bought the Mii Costume DLC’s, and you decided to recreate Reinhardt as a Mii Fighter. If you equipped either the costume’s headpiece, bodysuit, or both, a new voice option would appear that would let you use Reinhardt’s voice from the original game as the Mii Fighter’s. Since there are already loads of voice clips used for all of these characters from the original game, so it shouldn’t be hard at all to implement if they’re willing to do it and have permission from Blizzard to do so. Sakurai’s idea behind the Spirit battles in Smash Ultimate were that they would allow players to fight against characters as if they were in the game without having to make them into a completely new fighter. Adding original, less generic-sounding voice options to the Mii Fighters would allow players to add more realism, as if that character was a real fighter instead of just a Mii Fighter in a costume, and I believe that follows the same philosophy as Sakurai had when designing the Spirit battles.

If it wasn't obvious, I spent A LOT of time and effort (maybe too much) planning all of this out. If somehow you made it here to the end, and you enjoyed it, please consider upvoting and sharing with your friends. My goal is to have this blow up so much that Sakurai might notice it and consider adding Tracer to the game. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for additions or things you would change, or if you have any questions. I'm always interested in constructive criticism. Thank you! 🙂


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