My hopes and predictions for Overwatch 2 (Story)

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Hi everyone, I‘m a huge Overwatch fan, playing this game for almost 4 years by now. I always loved the lore behind the characters (probably the reason why i even started playing) and I have read every comic short story or whatever part of lore there is. So here are my predictions (and hopes) for every single Hero:

Ana: Ana is still presumed dead by all the members of New Overwatch (gonna call the group from Zero Hour like that). The only one that knows she isn’t dead is soldier (I think one might ignore the interactions between Ana and e.g. Reinhardt ingame here).

Ashe: Ashe is a difficult case because we don’t really know much about her or her plans for the future. What might happen is that she gets beef with Talon for all the weapons she stole (on Route 66 point C there are multiple Talon weapons to be seen). I would love seeing a mission where Ashe has to fight side by side with Mccree (and some other) against Talon.

Baptiste: Baptiste is definitely in good Relations with Mercy, so he is probably going to join New Overwatch. That would be also a easier way to escape his enemies at Talon. What might be a cool mission is that Talon got Bap and we play a strike team that frees him. His relations with Sombra are also worth mentioning but I got no clue where these are going.

Bastion: As we could see in the OW2 gameplay Trailer and one could deduce from the comic with Bastion and Torb (forgot the name) Bastion is probably going to join New Overwatch if Torb joins. Bastion seems to be Torb‘s new pet now.

Brigitte: Brig was seen in the same seen as Bastion (gameplay trailer) and we see her in the Zero Hour cinematic. I think it’s clear that she will be part of New Overwatch.

D.Va: D.Va is again a special case that wasn’t part of any opposing organisation (Talon/Overwatch). It is probably still more likely that she will fight with parts of New Overwatch, just because they’re the good guys and she wants to protect her home city/land. I don’t think she will join them though bc that would mean leaving Korea (and she seems to be the best of the MEKA squad).

Doomfist: i think it’s relatively clear what Doomfist‘s role is in this story. He wants to bring the world into chaos so it can evolve. His methods though might bring some of his followers to leave him.

Echo: Echo is part of New Overwatch by Zero Hour. She was also seen piloting in the gameplay trailer. I think it’s quite clear what her job is or will be. Someone brought up the theory that Echo will turn evil in OW2. Although I like this theory I find it unlikely. If OW2‘s story is written like the one of „Hero of Numbani“ that is not gonna happen.

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Genji: Genji is already part of New Overwatch. He is probably never gonna leave them except for his mission to Zenyatta maybe. But else I am curious to see Gency going.

Hanzo: Hanzo is on his seek for redemption. In „Dragons“ Genji already told him that he would have to choose a side. I still think he won’t appear until late in the game, if he does at all. He doesn’t want to be a part of Talon (as to be heard in his interaction with Doomfist) but seems to have no connection to Overwatch, too. Taken from his new voice line his goal might be to restore his familiy‘s empire that got destroyed by Genji and Blackwatch.

Junkrat: I don’t know if Junkrat will play an impactful role in OW2. All we really know about the story arc of Junk was brought to a conclusion in his animated short.

Lucio: I think it’s clear what Lucio‘s Team will be for he could be played together with Reinhardt, Mei and Tracer in the Blizzcon play test in 2019. He is also seen in the gameplay trailer in the plan room in Gibraltar for example.

McCree: That’s a difficult case, for he sent Echo when Overwatch called him. He is still a person that probably fights in Overwatch‘s beliefs but I think he might have a few nice story lines with Ashe.

Mei: Mei is already part of New Overwatch. Storywise she is not that good of a fighter but we all know how that’s gonna look ingame.

Mercy: Part of New Overwatch as the Main Support and medic for everyone. Mercy is one of the core parts here.

Moira: Moira‘s allegiance to Talon is quite strong. She is part of the inner council and can run free experiments as long as she sits there. She will be a tough enemy for New Overwatch bc she really hates them and is a very brilliant mind. And if Talon collapses she still has the University of Oasis.

Orisa: From the ending of Hero of Numbani i can speculate that Orisa‘s first appearance will be when (probably) Tracer flies by in Numbani and picks up her and Efi for a mission. Orisa fought Doomfist with Lucio before so she will be ready I guess.

Pharah: Part of Helix, from whose prison Doomfist escaped. She will probably join New Overwatch as fulfill of her childhood dream and to have a chance to fight and win against Doomfist for justice is her highest goal.

Reaper: As part of Talon‘s inner council he shows a strong allegiance to Talon. But maybe we might get to know how he came to joining Talon. He hated them in the Uprising comic or the Retribution mission at least.

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Reinhardt: The German Tank is already part of New Overwatch and looking at the gameplay trailer I am excited to see Relnhardt not only as the shield and hammer but as the leading personality he once was. We already got a feeling how he acts as Lieutenant Wilhelm.

Roadhog: Basically the same as Junkrat. Although I am curious what the story between him and the queen is.

Sigma: The mentally unstable Astrophysicist that can control gravity. He gets used by Talon more that he is really a part of them. Although he is a brilliant mind, his madness might hinder him to realise that he I just getting used. Probably will be a hard boss although I would love to see just an interaction or conversation between him and Moira.

Soldier:76: He and Ana fight criminals in the dark. It might be that they appear when New Overwatch executes a mission near and gets into a trap or is near to failing.

Sombra: I think Sombra is the most interesting character in all of Overwatch. She might officially be part of Talon but we know that she has her own plans. She has good relations with Bap, mocks Widow and Reaper and has probably more than just Katja Volskaya as mighty friends. I have no idea how her story is gonna end but I am very curious to see it.

Symmetra: Just in the recent comic we learned that Symmetra knows about the exclusiveness of Vishkar. She got enlightened by Zenyatta and now I think it is very likely that she will leave Vishkar soon. The trigger for that might be her noticing or even experiencing in some way that Sanjay works with Talon, even is part of their inner council.

Torbjörn: In the gameplay trailer we heard Reinhardt talk to Torbjörn about the new Omnic Crisis. Therefore I think it is very likely that he is going to join New Overwatch as an old crew mate. (Personally I would love seeing Torb together with Lucio just because they have like nothing in common.)

Tracer: I think it’s quite clear what will go on with Tracer. She is part of New Overwatch from the beginning and she is probably keeping the team together as good as she can.

Widowmaker: Now this one is probably my favourite case. As we can see in the Reflexions comic and in recent interactions with Moira, Widowmaker‘s manipulation seems to decrease with time. She seems to regret killing her husband, even if it wasn’t her own choice. I would love seeing her becoming good and probably fleeing from Talon. This might end badly or it might end that she tries to get to safety in New Overwatch‘s shelter where I think the first person accepting her would be her former nemesis, Tracer.

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Winston: The Monkey is quite clear, too. He started the Recall initiative and he is gonna be a core part of New Overwatch. I hope he doesn’t sacrifice himself at some point. He surely is ready to do this, as we could see in Zero Hour.

Wrecking Ball: I have no idea about Hammond. He is also kinda part of the Junkertown squad and those don’t really have much to do with the rest of the lore. His only other connection is to Winston but I don’t know if he would be ready fighting for him.

Zarya: Zarya is going to protect her land at what cost. I don’t think she’s gonna play an important role in OW2. Probably we can play her in a mission in Russia against a Null Sector invasion, but she isn’t gonna take sides in this conflict between Overwatch and Talon.

Zenyatta: We briefly saw Talon invading Zenyatta‘s temple in the gameplay trailer, yet I don’t thing he is going to play an impactful role in the story either. Maybe we get a mission with Genji, Symmetra, Zen and a new Asian tank? I don’t know, we don’t have zen lore so I can’t figure something out.

Soo, that’s about it. Please remember that all of these are personal speculations and hopes based on what we already know. I am still hyped and I hope Overwatch will get big again once OW2 releases.

PS: Please forgive Grammar or Language mistakes, I’m not a native speaker.

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