My personal experiences with Bronze/Silver matches

Content of the article: "My personal experiences with Bronze/Silver matches"

So, I’ve played Overwatch competitively (solo queue) for the last 6-8 months. I play casually (4-5 games at a time) and do often read guides to improve but don’t solely grind to rank up. I don’t claim to be a pro, and know I’m not a pro, but I also have some common sense with these games.

I thought it would be interesting to share my observations across the many games I’ve played and see how this relates to what you think. Be also interesting to see how higher rank players have solo’d their way out of these ranks when these scenarios arise.

1) Bunker’d Bastion rarely gets dealt with at my rank, often meaning this combination leads to an instant loss.

2) Supports often play in the front line (eg like DPS), or they pocket one hero and neglect to heal the rest of the team.

3) Often games go without a true healer support (eg Zen & Lucio).

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4) 80% of defence games see my team sit right on the spawn at game start, or in a choke point. During the match they often sit on the payload.

5) During attack, tanks/DPS often sit on the payload rather than pushing forward to make space – likewise, supports don’t push the payload.

6) Very rarely I see specific hero’s on high ground where it could be valuable (eg Widows/Ana stood on the ground).

7) The quit rate is high – lose the point quickly and people quit out. Get rolled, people quit out. Lose the first team fight, people quit out.

8) Ultimate use is weird – the amount of hero’s I’ve seen pop their Ult during a battle we’ve won is scary.

9) The lack of grouping up – a lot of players will just mindless run from spawn back to the fight, even when no one else there to support.

Now I’m not saying I’m better than this, I’m in this rank as well. But thought it would be interesting to share some of the things I commonly see during my matches.

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EDIT – this is not meant to be a negative post, I’m in this rank as well and guilty of these behaviours myself… so not being judgemental. Want to have a constructive discussion, especially with those who also encountered these and still improved their rank.

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