Need help with ideas of Tank hero win conditions.

Below here I'm going to write my current ideas of what certain tank win conditions are. Please correct me if I am wrong, or clarify points you think need clarification. This is a very long post, but i have put effort into making it skimmable through formatting. If you only have a comment on a single hero, it is still appreciated.

To preface, as support, I've been finding decent success with attempting to identify my teams wincon, the enemies wincon, comparing it with our current map state, and finding out how we should be winning teamfights. However, I am still not at the rank I want to be at yet, so I need help patching gaps in knowledge. For the purposes of this post, I will only be doing tanks. I am extremely ignorant on DPS win cons, and the post was too long for me to include supports. I will be doing posts on supports and DPS later.


  • Win con- brawl focused. Has immense damage at close range, as well as a non-cooldown based shield. Simple hero, wants to close the gap and swing on people
  • Weaknesses – Low mobility, lack of range, shield only goes in one direction. Extremely weak to people playing highground or offangles, as he neither has the mobility to catch an offangler out or to clear highground without taking a map specific path
  • very strong on linear maps or close range maps

D.VA (I don't fully understand DVA to preface)

  • Win con – close range off angle control. Has the mobility to contest offanglers as they appear and has the health pool/matrix to 1v1 nearly any hero in the game at close range. Plays to control the map and enable her team.
  • Weaknesses – Lack of range and damage. Can be spammed out if engagements aren't swift and decisive. Lack of damage can also be an issue over extended teamfights.
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  • Win con – Long range poke and control. One of the largest magazines in the game with decent DPS for shieldbreak. Halt can either slow deathballs or catch people on offangles to secure kills. Fortify can hold an angle and is strong vs rush if rush has had their resources drained earlier in the fight.
  • Weaknesses – Lack of burst and mobility. These two weaknesses come together in an issue with staving off divers. Orisa is slow to reposition and her shield is unusable for peel. The lack of burst damage will keep her from being very effective if her squishies are dove. She only wins fights by dragging them out over a long time


  • Win con – Offangle control. Probably the strongest offangler in the game pound for pound. Large HP pool + low cd self sustain make him self reliant. Will try to find flanks to catch out squishies with his hook, and can offer shieldbreak during hook CD downtime.
  • Weaknesses – Basically useless if the offangle is shutdown. An ana or Dva's cooldowns can mitigate his pressure, and if he isn't able to find picks, he isn't doing much. He isn't very tanky if focused by multiple players due to lack of shield and lack of armor.


  • Win con – Also probably one of the strongest offanglers. Similar to orisa, but with an emphasis on stronger damage. Long ranged high damage primary fire, a high damage stun, shield, and damage. Very self-sufficient tank, similar to roadhog.
  • Weaknesses – Lack of mobility/lack of beef(?). Is extremely weak up close, so if engaged on directly can have a tough time. Lack of mobility plays into that, with less ways to kite/reposition vs more mobile heroes.


  • Win con – Mobility, isolating squishies, farming ult with cleave. Using his mobility he's easily able to access power positions, and with his bubble he's able to isolate the target from any heals or assistance. He also has one of the strongest tank ults in the game that charges incredibly quickly. If the power position of the map is a place where people like to stack and he isn't able to isolate singular targets, he can farm primal with his cleave damage and use it to break up the formation and isolate targets that way. Extremely interesting and intuitive kit.
  • Weaknesses – Lack of sustain/tankiness. He is easily bursted down my many heroes, and his bubble doesn't have that much HP. He loses most tank matchups 1v1, which makes it difficult for him to force space that way. If he is able to be killed before his jump cooldown comes back up, he won't be able to disengage, heal up, and get another cooldown rotation out.
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Wrecking Ball (Not sure about this hero either)

  • Win Con – Displace/slow down formations, burst down squishies. Using his low cooldown boop, he is able to knock heroes out of formation or knock them off of key power positions while dealing decent damage. Then, as a followup, he can pounce out of position heroes with easy follow shots with his primary. He's extremely self-reliant with his adaptive shields and his hyper mobility.
  • Weaknesses – Crowd control. With his lack of shielding, he has nothing except his mobility to evade cooldowns. If he's hit my one cc cooldown, he'll be hit by another, and bursted down. It's also tough since he has to be in melee range often to get his value, so stuns like mccree flash and brig stun are very easy to land on him.

Zarya (not exactly sure either)

  • Win con – Getting charge by enabling aggressive heroes and DPS'ing. Lives or dies by her energy. If she's able to bubble an aggressive hero like a rein or doomfist, she gets to enable their plays while also getting a significant increase in DPS. From there, she's able to use her personal bubble to find very aggressive plays without being punishable.
  • Weaknesses – Lack of mobility, lack of range, burst damage. Her lack of mobility keeps her from being able to easily contest power positions of a map, and her lack of range keeps her from easily gap closing. She's squishy without her bubble cooldown, so if she's being kept in check by a hitscan or long ranged tank, it's hard for her to do much.
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This is it. If you have better definitions or think my entire approach to this topic is incorrect, please let me know. I want to learn more, I'm just putting this all out here so I can be corrected.


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