Nerf Ideas for McCre

McCree's flashbang has stunned many Overwatch players, especially tank players, from having much fun in this game as of late. So here are just some ideas of mine on nerfing him.

(Keep in mind that these are intended to be separate and individual ideas for nerfs. Adding these nerfs together might make McCree too weak perhaps.)

  • Increase the range of the flashbang and reduce its AOE/hitbox.

Like how they turned Orisa's halt ability into more of a skill-shot, making McCree's flashbang more difficult to land not only increases his skill ceiling but also punishes McCrees with bad aim (whifing a stun during a crucial fight)

Now you may think: "what is this person on about?? Increase the range???" Hear me out here. Speaking from my personal experience, flashbang is a relatively easy ability to land because I can just chuck it right above the enemy's head and it will still be close enough for the stun to still apply. That is not an ability that requires aim. That is just pressing the E ability (or whatever keybind you have for flashbang) in the enemy's general direction. So increasing the range of flashbang to the point where doing that will make the flashbang be thrown too far away, thus missing your enemy and not end up stunning them. You can still attempt to chuck it above the enemy's head, but you may have to stand further away for the flashbang to be thrown close enough for the stun to apply, but because you are standing further away from the enemy, you will need better aim to actually followup your shots, especially headshots.

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Reducing the hitbox would be easier to explain. You can't just toss your flashbang on the floor or chuck it to the enemy's sides now. You actually have to try and HIT your enemy's physical body in order for the stun effect to apply because the Radius/Area of Effect of the flashbang is now much smaller.

  • Flashbang no longer deals damage.

Flashbang right now deals 25 damage. All I know off the top of my head is that, within 10 meters, a headshot deals 140 damage and a body shot deals 70 damage. I don't know what the damage is like in other ranges and I haven't done the math but taking away that 25 damage might eliminate some break points.

  • Altering the range/spread/damage of the fan the hammer ability.

The flashbang + fan the hammer combo, aka McRightclicc, has wreaked havoc upon many tank players. So how about this. Make it where fanning the hammer will do a small amount of damage at close range and long-range so the only effective range that can deal good damage is that midrange sweet spot. Very similar to Roadhog's right-click. Too far? Little damage. Too close? Little damage. Sweet Spot? A 10-meter range that is relatively hard to aim and control. The point of this is going back to this idea of turning McCree's abilities into more of a skill-shot. However, I don't have enough FPS gaming vocabulary and lingo to accurately describe this change.

  • When using his ultimate: High Noon in a map location that is not located in the United States of America, a horde of police will suddenly appear to arrest McCree, thus disabling his ability to participate throughout the rest of the game and your ability to leave the game because you are in jail now.
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Once this change is applied, the truth is revealed. Whenever McCree uses his ult, he is not actually reminding everyone present in the battle of what time of day it is. He is actually reminding himself that it is now noon: his scheduled time for his daily dose of marijuana. It is High Noon, not High Noon. The emphasis is on the high. However, there are only 4/29 maps where weed is legalized. Blizzard World, Hollywood, and Route 66 are in America and Ecopoint: Antarctica is in Antarctica where I would assume there is no real police force. I am aware that not all states here in the U.S. legalized weed (while I was typing this I accidentally typed "weeb" and not "weed". Glad I caught my typo.) but for simplicity's sake, let us assume that weed is legalized in all of these American Overwatch maps. Outside of those maps I just listed, weed is illegal and consumption of it means immediate jail time for McCree. Sorry no SR for you, buddy. Next time don't use your ult.

  • That last one was a joke.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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