Never ever ever look at your stats, it can ruin you. Long rant.

I'm not sure what to flair this, lemme know if I should change it. Okay, rant starts now.

Never ever look at stats. It can be influenced by anything, who you were hitting most of the game, what comp they had, how much space you had, if they had one shield, two shields, or no shields, how good the enemy were at dodging your bullets. Literally anything. So don't look at your 5k damage when you lose and think you didn't do enough damage. But when they have two shields a tracer always flanking your team, a Widow, your not gonna get a lot of damage usually, unless it's a pretty long game, 17min+ I'd say. There are too many variables to consider. And also with gold medals, there are a lot of factors for you getting it or not. I had gold damage as Widow, but we still lost, sure I could blame my other dps, but in retrospect, I wasn't getting picks, I was just shooting tanks, and not the dps.

I could be shooting tanks all game with soldier and get 12k+ damage, but we can still lose, it's not because you weren't doing enough damage, or your other dps wasn't either, it's because you had bad target focus.

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You usually want picks in this game, If you can get rid of both dps, then bam, ez pz win, but when your shooting tanks, they more than likely won't die, unless the whole team is shooting one rein, and also your just feeding ult to the enemy support, and since no one is shooting the dps, they have no pressure on them, so they can flank, stay and shoot the shield, etc etc. If I were to look at a couple of stats, I'd say accuracy, so crit accuracy, and scope acc, over a lot of games, not just like 5 or something like that, deaths per 10 min, and win percentage.

Yes all of them could be affected like gold medals and gold damage, but over a lot of games, these can help your improvement a lot. Alright thanks for coming to rant, enjoy your ranked games, if you can, and don't talk about how you have gold damage as fucking rein, ITS PRETTY NORMAL DUMBASS, IF YOUR TIRED OF SEEING YOU HAVE GOLD DAMAGE THEN STOP SWINGING YOUR HAMMER. cough Don't worry I definitely didn't lose a ranked game and someone said this.


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