New LA Valiant’s roster and some of analysis of the possible meta

To cut a long story short, let's take a look at the seven players on Valiant's roster.

Molanran:Godlike/MT1-T1W-T1W.GZA/FG,Flex Dps

Krystal:MT1/T1W/Hangzhou Spark/Ignite One/FG,Hitscan Dps

Sliver3:SKG/T1W-T1W.GZA,Main Tank

NvM:SKG/LGE,Main Tank

ShowCheng:MT1/LGD/FG,Off Tank

Highbee:SKG/T1W-T1W.GZA,Main Support

Wya:SKG/MT1-T1W-T1W.GZA/Guangzhou Charge/Ignite One,Flex Support

About Valiant

Let me start with my opinion: Since NvM (who is still playing Apex Legend these days) will most likely be a roster filler and unpaid, the odds are that Valiant will only be a regular roster this season.

Then the team is basically staffed by former MT1-T1w players. Since it is made up of former T1w players, I don't think that Highbee's move to MS is anything to be particularly worried about. After all, the fact that an OWL team can't even afford to pay Thor(Fengmian)'s transfer fee is worrying enough lol

Here's why: If you look at the experience of those t1w's players, you'll see that:

-Molanran is not only a Flex Dps, he was played Off Tank for a season, as well as playing Brig for a while

-ShowCheng was a MT when he still work for LGD ,he and Guxue rotated with each other, he was also been a Flex Support, Flex Dps, played Brig, and now Off Tank

-Wya, who swap role from Off Tank to Flex Support and was also a DPS

-Krystal, who play brig won the MVP on his first show when he was at Spark and performance looks better than Adora

-Sliver3, perhaps the most consistent of them all, still playing DPS before 222 role lock

-and finally Highbee, who was swapping the role in DPS, MT, and MS when he was called Unhappy

You'll find that not many of them are fixed in their role, so whether Highbee is in the official announcement or on the league roster as a MS player or not, I perfer he is not limited to playing MS.

Anyway,I have no hope for the future of this team, and even if this team can reach its best, it will probably only reach the ranking of Season 3 London Spitfire. But this team could not that bad if the league doesn't stick to 2-2-2 role lock, then this team may reach a higher position than S3 London, but of course, that's just a delusion!

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Molanran, Showcheng,Wya & Krystal

T1w vs. IO

The FG in this Gauntlet game was should be Valiant's roster (replacing 800 with Sliver3), but of course, it was a team that didn't have any grind at all. As we all know, FG was substantially disbanded before these games, and in fact T1w and FG players had only been training together for less than a month. But we can still use this recent match to see the individual strengths of some of the players (matches like OWWC, T1w vs LFZ are too old to be relevant).


He's one of those kind of Flex Dps that will be sought after in League these days, with an extremely wide hero pool and the ability to excel in all positions."Like Kaneki+Jinmu or Innovation." (from Chen, the former coach of the Chengdu Hunters, who also thinks Molanran is clearly better than Choisewan). As a Flex Dps, he is "clearly a top 3 choice for CNOC" (Youngjin, O2 Blast's manager, not the one from Shanghai Dragon).

Looking at FG's performance against Gen.G, Molanran played quite well on Genji, Echo, Tracer. He did a good job of making the key breakthrough for the team even the Gen.G have the Stalk3r and Toyou. There is no doubt in my mind that Molanran will not be questioned going into the OWL. I think he has no problem comparing himself to Valiant's original great DPS players like KSP and Shax. Also, he has good Sombra play and his Pharah is unquestionably the #1 in CNOW (even better than Jinmu's performance). I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in the OWL again after this Valiant is disbanded. It's also clear what role he will play in Valiant: Tracer, Echo, Hanzo, Pharah, Genji, and if they needs to play Sombra/Tracer Meta, then Moranran will play Sombra, Krystal/Showcheng will play Tracer (most likely Krystal), and the same applies to Sombra/Genji,Sombra/Doomfist Meta as above.Brig or Off Tank (especially Sigma) are also possibilities, but I don't think he'd really go for those.


Like I said, past matches are of no significance in predicting present strengths. No matter how excellent Krystal was once in OWWC or OC, that was 2018. let's be realistic: Krystal's performance in this game was quite questionable. He didn't cause any key kills, had a significant gap with Ezhan and was always the first or second person to get killed. I don't really care about anything else about his, but if his form is not as good as it used to be, then Valiant, unlike in Flex DPS where they can be confident enough, is very worrying in Hitscan.If he can get back to his previous level, then Valiant will have enough to fight with other APAC teams in terms of DPS,For his current situation, I can only associate it with Erster.

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It was easy to figure out what role Krystal played in the team: mainly Widow/Ashe/Mccree, Tracer in Sombra/Echo Meta, Reaper and Genji in Sombra Meta. incidentally, he played Brig very well in GOATs Meta Maybe he or Showcheng will play Brig (or Mercy?) when Highbee returns to Off-Tank.


He is slightly inexperienced on Off-Tank, but still has potential. He's already relied on Sigma to prove his mettle in Contenders, but will he be better in the league? No one can guarantee that. I think it will still be Highbee who is responsible for playing Off Tank like DVA or Zarya which requires quite a bit of experience by then. while Showcheng is responsible for playing more Sigma or Hog, he will also most likely move to Flex Dps, Mei, Doomfist, Tracer, or MS(Brig).

Incidentally, Showcheng is quite a good Doomfist and T1w relied on Doomfist/Sombra Meta to dominate CNOC for a while when Xujie was still around.


Wya has been in very poor form in these games, I think his Zenyatta is clearly one of the weakest points of this Valiant, even weaker than the more Highbee's MS or Krystal, but his Ana's performance is still good.Anyway,he is a very typical Flex Support.


T1w vs. Gen.G


A middling MT, he'll be the one with the most consistent level in this Valiant. He could be a strong Main Tank if given more chances.I think he's positioned similarly to Rio.He plays a very aggressive style,This is likely to be a big influence on this Valiant, for better and for worse.

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If his duties are limited to Off-Tank, Highbee is undoubtedly one of the best in CNOC and even CNOW, I don't think he'll lose to LiGe or Elsa, but at MS I think we all agree he's definitely the worst in OWL. But I still don't think he'll be limited to that position. If he will take Off-Tank, he will be great as Sigma, Zarya, DVA. as for MS? no doubt, Brig or Mercy.Zihee (T1w's Main Support, now retired) says that Highbee "learns things fast", so we can only hope that he does.


many T1w players have given this Poor-health coach a fair amount of praise. I think for Valiant in his current condition he is really an available option with an edge. His coaching experience is also good enough, having been a two-time champion of the CN Contenders.


Valiant's Meta:


Tracer/Ashe,Sombra/Genji – Doomfist – Tracer


Maybe it's not the best option for a well-funded team, but with IGC only paying six salaries of bottom-paid players and not even willing to pay Thor's transfer fee, this is definitely the best option under this conditions (no transfer fee, Chinese). Not to mention that we could see some worthy players in this roster. So there's no need to be too critical of them.


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