New Rules Update and Adjustments

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Two months after the implementation of our new rule set, it's safe to say that we've seen a positive change to variety of submissions to the subreddit. Even though highlights make up a large majority of the submissions, we've been able to see Fan Content flourish without the image restriction, and the occasionally meme or two make it up to the front page.

This post is a brief summary of the mod actions we've done over the past couple of months, as well as some rule adjustments we'll be doing (effective immediately).

Mod Actions

Here's how we've seen mod actions change over the past couple of months:

4 weeks prior to rules update (June 1st – 28th):

  • 8313 mod "actions"
    • 4486 automatic (automod) actions (54%)
    • 3827 manual actions (46%)

4 weeks following rules update (June 29th – July 27th):

  • 8401 mod "actions" (increase of 1%)
    • 2768 automatic (automod) actions (33%)
    • 5633 manual actions (67%)
    • 21% swing

4 weeks following rules update (July 28th – August 23rd):

  • 8098 mod "actions" (decrease of 3.6%)
    • 2830 automatic (automod) actions (35%)
    • 5268 manual actions (65%)
    • 2% swing

Due to no longer having a automatic image removal rule in AutoMod, we've had to remove a large number of low-value images and memes manually. This has lead to an substantial increase in the amount of manual removals when compared to automatic removals. To be honest, this was expected, but interesting nonetheless.

Rules Update

In addition, we will be making the following changes to the rules based on feedback and our experience over the past two months:

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Rule #2 Titling Guidelines

  • "Titles should not be misleading, NSFW, or context-less." has been changed to "Titles should be not be inaccurate, NSFW, memetic, or context-less."

This change (inspired by a similar rule over on r/VALORANT) should more accurately remove specific titles that we would label as "misleading" in the previous rule, but would now be removed under "memetic" (Zarya laser go brrrr, Get down Mr. President, etc), and misleading (Humongous Bastion 6k where Bastion just falls off the cliff).

We'll be doing some of this with AutoModerator, so expect some submissions to be automatically removed when they are submitted (with a removal reason of course).

  • Added an example of a memetic title in our chart of Good/Bad Titles.

Rule #3 Quality Guidelines

  • All instances of "low-effort content" have been replaced with "low-value content".

Some users were associating the time they invested into creating a post/meme as effort, but still submitting a post that would qualify as low-value. "Low-value" was decided to be a better description of the type of content we would remove under this rule.

  • Added "Funny number posts" as a specific example of removed content under "HIGHLIGHTS/GAMEPLAY".

Because how many posts do we really need about the numbers 69, 420, 1337, etc.?

  • Added a blanket ban of direct Twitch streams and YouTube channel links.

Most direct links to channels and streams get heavily downvoted, or removed by moderators because these users don't abide by our Promotional/10:1 rules. Twitch clips and YouTube videos are still allowed (but must follow all other rules).

This is mostly a precautionary rule put in place as we get closer to the inevitable release of OW2 (whenever that is). We don't want to see large quantities of channels get spammed.

  • Added "leavers" as a specific example of removed content under "general complaint threads".
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We still have some things we've working on, like flair and other rule adjustments, so please feel free to leave any feedback here for us.

r/Overwatch Mod Team

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