(OC) OWL Franchises as College Football Teams

So for the five other people on the internet who follow both College Football and Overwatch League (almost laughably opposite in terms of cultural niche), I thought it might be fun to pair OWL Teams to their similar counterparts in CFB. Don't worry, if you have little to no CFB knowledge, I'll make sure it's still readable to you. I'm mainly looking for levels of success, stories, and reputation. Geographical location is not a priority unless it's convenient, and I'll go in alphabetical order to not piss anyone off.

Atlanta Reign – Oklahoma Sooners Both are known for having some of the fiercest firepower in their sport (Atlanta's DPS lineup / Oklahoma's Offense) despite holes elsewhere. Both also consistently have high expectations which have yet to be met (Atlanta's Scrimbux / Oklahoma's lack of Playoff wins).

Boston Uprising – Rutgers Scarlet Knights Some people might not like this one, but I think it works. Both teams have had crippling failure recently, but seem to be improving thanks to better coaching and talent.

Chengdu Hunters – Auburn Tigers The "Chengdu Zone" meme reflects the Hunters' proud reputation as a team with the potential to throw off even the best opponents when they're hitting their stride. They have massive Auburn energy because of that; the Tigers consistently have elite play every three or four years and spoil the seasons of their rivals.

Dallas Fuel – Texas Longhorns This pick was one of the easiest on the whole list. Both teams have thick, Texas-sized wallets and not enough success to show for them. The Fuel's cycle of misery easily parallels to the "Texas is back" meme. The phrase was originally said after a genuinely good win but has since been memed into oblivion as the program has suffered a national reputation for failing to meet sky high expectations. Sound familiar?

Florida Mayhem – Oregon Ducks Despite not having deep historical roots of success, excellent branding and recent triumphs have lifted these two teams to more respectable spots on the national landscape. Though the colors themselves are not similar, Florida's pink and blue color palette reminds me of Oregon's embrace of diverse and flashy uniforms.

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Guangzhou Charge – Florida Gators Both teams saw relative success last year (Summer Showdown Victory / SEC East Divisional Title) behind talented stars (Shu, Cr0ng, Eileen, Happy / Kyle Pitts, Kyle Trask, Kadarius Toney), but the consensus opininion is that the teams are destined for a regress in 2021.

Hangzhou Spark – Miami Hurricanes Known for their bright color palettes and flashy branding, both teams have had decent win/loss records recently, but nothing that really reaches the ceilings of the teams. Maybe 2021 will be the year for new heights behind their beloved returning stars (Guxue / D'Eriq King)?

Houston Outlaws – Tennessee Volunteers While both teams have large fanbases and notoriety, the wins have not been there recently due to coaching and institutional uncertainty. They both pressed the reset button this year on coaching and leadership which could help their spooky rosters.

London Spitfire – LSU Tigers A couple years ago, they reached the heights of success in their sport (2018 OWL Title / 2019 National Championship). Since then, the rosters have been reloaded with new talent. However, it might not be enough anymore to push for the top tier in their region which is loaded with giants (Western Region / Southeastern Conference).

Los Angeles Gladiators – Texas A&M Aggies In terms of fanbases, money, and infrastructure, everything needed is there for these programs. Texas A&M finally took a big step last season towards the top tier nationally and actually started to look close to a powerhouse. The Gladiators are hoping for something similar in 2021. The ceiling is elite for these two teams, and the fanbases are expecting it to be met with all of the talent right now.

Los Angeles Valiant – Liberty Flames Oof. The Valiant have become a villain recently because of their unethical decisions. Liberty has faced a similar level of criticism in the CFB world, because of their recent trend of hiring leadership who have on field success and off field scandals. (Their AD was involved in the 2016 Baylor sexual assault scandal, and their coach was fired when he was caught providing escorts for his players. Yeah, that happened.)

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New York Excelsior – Georgia Bulldogs In the regular season, wins have been stacking up. But when the games become meaningful in the postseason, neither team has really been able to cross the hump of winning it all, even though their rosters and infrastructures are deep enough.

Paris Eternal – Appalachian State Mountaineers Hey, things have been pretty good recently! But it's a dog eat dog world, and when other teams have more money than you, they will buy out your best talent and cause you to hit the reset button. (Dallas bought out the Eternals's core / App. St. has lost two coaches in a row to bigger programs)

Philadelphia Fusion – Michigan Wolverines They've had some ups and downs, but honestly quite a few ups from a national perspective. Even so, their fanbases and wallets are some of the largest in their sport, and they're ancy to cross some major thresholds as teams. (More grand finals and tournament success / beating their rival Ohio State and winning the division.)

San Francisco Shock – Alabama Crimson Tide Duh. The talent. The titles. They're #1 by a long shot.

Seoul Dynasty – Ohio State Buckeyes Last year's season was really solid. Both teams peaked at the right time and made their league championship games but went home with silver medals. They have money and infrastructure, but it's going to be hard to match a year like 2020.

Shanghai Dragons – Clemson Tigers Recently, these teams have experienced genuine success (Two tournament victories / Two national titles) behind elite rosters (Fleta, Void, Leejaegon / Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, Isaiah Simmons) that are some of the best in their sport.

Toronto Defiant – UCLA Bruins They don't exactly have the cleanest pedigree in their sport, but they're hoping that newer additions will be able to carry their success at previous teams over. (Toronto is trying to replicate Philly with Sado, Heesu, and KDG. / UCLA is hoping that Chip Kelly's previous wins at Oregon will improve their program.)

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Vancouver Titans – Nebraska Cornhuskers They used to be elite and some of the most feared teams around. Today, not so much.

Washington Justice – BYU Cougars Despite the fact that recent seasons have been forgettable and ignored from a national perspective, a superstar (Decay / Zach Wilson) put the spotlight back on these teams in 2020 as they fought their way up national rankings.

Bonus: Scrimbux – Message Board Chatter It's literally the same thing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you didn't, I really don't care. Have a chill day anyway.


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