On the mind games we have to play with our own teammates in comp.

One thing that really drives me crazy about this game and this community is the amount of psychological manipulation you have to partake in in order to get wins. I can give two clear examples of the stupid mind games I play just from my comp session yesterday. Example one: Blizz world attack, I am on Hanzo, other dps is echo. On first push we fail, enemy team has a pharah. In my head, even before we wiped first push, I knew it was coming "can we get a hitscan for the pharah". Yes, they ask, I swap, I am nowhere near as good on mccree as I am on hanzo, but I always silently make this swap because I have seen time and time again, that even though I personally become less effective, the rest of my team gets some sort of placibo morale boost for having plugged in the y=mx+b equation of overwatch countering, as if the game is that black and white to them, a perfect syllogism. If x then y. So while I have less fun, accomplish less, feed more…we win, because I placibo'd them. Mind you, this is not me advocating for one tricking, or refusing to swap if you ARE the problem. This is more so a reflection on the lack of awareness in diamond and below as to what is truly going wrong in a given game. Example two: Eichenwalde defense. Other dps instalocks hanzo, I check his profile to see if I could maybe ask to have hanzo, but he is also a hanzo main, so I pick mccree. There is no issue this round, team does fine, the hanzo does fine. Round swap time, he doesnt instalock, I also don't pick anything, I was thinking perhaps he checked my profile too at some point and realized I was also a Hanzo main, but who knows. My duo goes "lock hanzo lock hanzo". I go "why? we did fine, and I know psychologically all that does to some people is say to them passive aggressively 'you were the problem so I'm taking the hero you played away from you because I know I can do better'". My duo partner didn't deny that this happens, but he just said "so what?" The nonchalant response from him was, in my opinion, because he was playing on an alt, but I was playing on my main, where I actually care enough to consider the bullshit psychological aspects of this game. So I waited, he took hanzo, I went mccree, we won, the end. Now I'm not saying that in this particular instance, me picking hanzo would have caused such a series of events to take place, but due to repeated prior experiences, I prefer to avoid any potential of it occurring. Does anyone else play these psychological games? Or am I just way too crazy to be playing competitive overwatch?

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