One stand out player per role – week 1


Hitscan – Happy

Happy was the best hitscan player this opening weekend, and as an added bonus the best Hanzo player too. Being the best hitscan is no easy feat when: Diem, Carpe, Kai and Glister all played. While those who have watched Happy since the Charge or even meta Bellum might not be surprised by how good he was, the fact that he’s finally on a popular team for the first time in his career will no doubt finally allow his name to come up more in “top 5” conversations.

Flex dps – Choisehwan

I know picking a dps from a team that went 0-2 seems weird (and trust me, I considered quite a few other options) and maybe it’s because I had low expectations for him, but I did not expect what I thought was the most impressive Tracer to come from him. It reminds me of when Yaki pulled it out in the May Melee and I thought “where did this come from?!” Speaking of which, Yaki popped off on Tracer on all weekend, so the fact that I’m still picking Choisehwan doesn’t come lightly.

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Main Tank – Jjanggu

I was going to pick Fearless at one point for hopefully proving all the people who said he was overrated or a one-trick, wrong. But Jjanggu went on a tear this weekend. Going 2-0 against Smurf, Fearless and Super on Rein is an insane accomplishment. You can’t have a better debut as a MT than not only beating the two best MT’s of last year, as well as the best from the year prior, but also having people call “MTD” in your favor against each of them (whether right or wrong).

Offtank- Hotba

I’m not choosing Hotba because he was necessarily the best offtank this weekend, but he was the one I was the most surprised by. Maybe this spot should go to NineK, because last year, ask any NYXL fan, and they’ll tell you Hotba doesn’t have a peeling bone in his body. This year there were fights won on the back of his peel. The standout moment being when Alarm was on the brink of death on Anubis A, and Hotba would just not let the kill happen. I’ve never seen a player improveme so much after (personally) thinking they weren’t very good for the past three years.

Flex support – Alarm

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Put the pitchforks down, I can’t pick Viol2t. Not after the match against Houston I can’t. And not that his McCree performance would help here anyway, but I don’t get the hype. Alarm on the other hand continues to cement himself as the other guy people think of when naming good flex supports. Minus one blizzard world defense, he hasn’t skipped a beat. Still hitting unreal sleeps and rage switching to Zen to win maps.

Main support- Slime

Slime was good, about as good as a lot of other good main supports this weekend, but I’m mainly picking him because of how hard I Malded when (i think it was) someone on plat chat said Slime was washed. Hopefully he keeps up performances like this weekend so that this narrative dies before it really gets started.


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