One stand out player per role – week 2

Once again, my criteria for choosing each player is subjective and varies. Most of the time there is more than one right answer per role, and I’m not attacking you by choosing a player you don’t like.

Hitscan – Carpe

Birdring almost had it this week, after two consistently good performances, I thought he was a lock. But Carpe was something special this week. If his performance against Chengdu doesn’t squash the idea of him being washed, I don’t know what will. It was the most dominant McCree performance we’ve seen this season, and that’s saying a lot considering how many great McCree performances we’ve had so far. It’s almost astounding how Carpe has always managed to be the standout player no matter how many other big names are on his team.

Flex dps – Jinmu

I swear when he’s on Pharah it’s a different hero than everyone else. While there are arguments that his counterpart, Leave, should be here, it’s not often we get to see someone look almost transcendental on a hero the way Jinmu did. The stuff he was doing against NYXL had me genuinely feeling bad for them. It’s not every day that a guy can ruin two people’s OWL debut, one players comeback ark, and the hopes of one of the most passionate fanbases.

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Main tank – Fearless

Just like I assume it will be many times this season, It was between him and Mag. But not only did Fearless perform possibly the best Winston juggle I’ve ever seen this week (against Fury on Gibraltar), but he has continued to assert himself as the best main tank in OWL. Can you think of a time Fearless fed, or was even the weak link? I’m really scratching my head to think of one. Whereas I have plenty of times he clutched fights coming to mind. Honestly it’s down right embarrassing how much slander this guy received after leaving Shanghai.

Offtank- Fury

There weren’t as many insane offtank performances this week compared to the previous roles. But I’ll pick Fury for just playing very well. Not only was his peel as good as ever, but he still manages to deny ults out of nowhere. I think it was Mr. X who said “Fury is so good it’s almost boring to talk about it.

Flex support – Alarm

I really tried not to put Alarm here again, I tried to convince myself to pick Crimzo or Mmonk. Or even Bebe for the fact that he didn’t play like a toddler like the sub would have you believe. But unfortunately Alarm just continues to be insane. He was an instrumental factor in Philly going 4-0 and beating the team that everyone thought was number 1. Whether it was keeping his tanks Ali e all game, allowing Carpe to pop-off, denying flanks himself, getting frags or the most hype moment from the weekend (sleeping Jinmu into the well). He does it all.

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Main support- Nisha

HOW THE HELL DOES THIS GUY KEEP GETTING ALL THESE REZZES AND MAKING IT OUT ALIVE. I swear he hasn’t updated his game since 2018, because his ability to deny kills sent me back to Moth meta.


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