One stand out player per role – week 3

DISCLAIMER: once again, there’s multiple correct choices for every role, and I’m not personally attacking you by not picking the player you want. Also I did not have a chance to watch Chengdu vs. Seoul. I’ve heard that Leave dominated, but I personally can’t choose him or any of their players simply because I didn’t watch it.

Hitscan – Carpe

Does anyone remember when Carpe took control of a fight on Lijiang and killed essentially, almost the entire enemy team on his own? What about when EQO pulled out the clutch blade to keep Fusion in a nail biter series, only to eventually lose moments later? Now what if we combine those two moments? We get the end of Gibraltar against the Dragons. Though Carpe had a slow start, as the series went on, whether it was huge flanks, great opening picks, or hitting shots most wouldn’t, Carpe was on fire. It is crazy how we’re four years in, and Carpe is still able to just take over games. We saw him do it against the other APAC team that did make the May Melee last week in the hunters, and we saw him do it this week against the Dragons. Carpe has put himself in MVP consideration again this year (though there is someone ahead of him) and I already know what clip we’re going to see in that list, but knowing Carpe he could pull out another play like that at any moment.

Flex dps – Yaki

It seems like it would be impossible to make this list after getting shut out so bad the Shock. But even after a crushing 3-0 defeat Yaki played so well his next two matches that it more than makes up for it. This weekend, just for reference, we saw Striker, Profit, and Decay play Tracer. That’s a stacked lineup of elite Tracers, and still somehow Yaki outperformed them all significantly. There’s something about the May Melee that makes Yaki (and the rest of Florida) level up considerably, and this time he did it again. As far as the new wave of flex dps players that play Tracer, Yaki is also another level compared to pretty much all of them barring Profit. If I had the choice of someone like Fleta, Rascal, Ivy or Yaki for my team, I’d probably pick Yaki because he not only provides elite flex heroes like Mei and Echo, but also an S tier Tracer.

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Main tank – Fearless

After the performance this week, Fearless has cemented himself as the front runner for MVP in my, and many others opinions. And I don’t say this lightly. Both teams in my flair have gone 4-0, and I’d still give my vote to him. Fearless takes what the Shock has in the world class Rein of Super, and the elite Winston of Smurf, and does them both, arguably better. It also can’t be understated how unbelievably good his primals are. If I had to guess who is the most efficient with their ult across all players and heroes, it would be Fearless. It feels like Fearless is currently creating a gap between himself and other MT’s in a similarity we saw with Jjonak and other flex supports in season 1, which is unreal given his competition.

Off tank – Michelle

To be completely honest, just like last week, no offtank really stood out in the way other roles did. I keep trying to think about memorable and exciting plays from offtanks this weekend, and the one that comes to mind is always Michelle’s parkour on Oasis. Void, Gargoyle, Hanbin and even Hotba all probably played better overall. But this list is just players who stood out, and even if this is the worst reason to pick a player, Michelle stood out.

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Flex support – Izayaki

I was actually going to pick Izayaki before the Philly match, so that should tell you just how good of a week he had, if that was the icing on top of the cake. Remember in the Countdown cup when Philly beat Paris because Alarm essentially didn’t let Sp9rk1e play? That’s what Izayaki did to Rascal at the end of their series. But he was doing all week. During their first match, I felt like out of the corner of my eye I always noticed someone was asleep. This isn’t even mentioning that he was outperforming dps players damage wise in their match against Spark. Go back to that series, Izayaki was consistently on the left side of the killfeed. The lone Dragons player to not receive a role star last year is making a strong case for this year, as if he’s playing at this level, not only should he be brought up like Viol2t or Alarm, but he’s actually been better this year than the gold standard that is Viol2t.

Main support – Masaa

Masaa had some incredible moments this weekend. A 3k boop followed immediately by another boop obviously comes to mind. Even beyond that moment he consistently got the better of FDGod, set up his team mates extremely well by bopping enemies into self destructs or earth shatters, and avoided getting caught out the whole time. I know Atlanta hasn’t done well in the past, so people tend to not think much of Masaa, but remember they had both him and FunnyAstro, and kept him. That’s not me saying he’s better than Astro, but they wouldn’t have done that if he wasn’t damn good. And this weekend he showed that.

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