“Overwatch 2 delayed until you get your shit together” Jeff Kaplan says

"The game is ready, I love it, the team loves it, the players are gonna love it, but seeing as you personally don't even have a grip on basic hygiene, a 2021 release is just not the right time" Jeff said in the Q&A portion of Blizzconline 2021.

"The team has been working tirelessly with an amazing new cast of heroes, beautiful new maps set around the world and PVE that will blow everyone out of the water and take everything you know and love about Overwatch and make into something new and even better and I am so proud to say its all done and ready to be handed over to the players, but when we have a member of the community that is an adult and still factors in birthday money to their monthly budget, its just not something we simply can do" Jeff said in todays stream of Blizzconline, witch was met as a disappointment, but not a surprise since the player base has noticed your habits of stacking empty pizza boxes in your room, the way approaching someone romantically makes your hands sweaty and all the late night crying.

"we are just not in a position where its something we are simply able to do" Jeff said, referring to you.

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"No one has been more excited to get the game out then me, we have been working on so many cool new things like tweaking Mei where she is fun to play, but does not infuriate other players, moving tanks away from an area where they are just huge standing walls and making them a fun class of heroes, making support into the most skill based group to the point where they really feel part of the fight and so, so much more and its finally ready and polished to exactly what we want it to be and we are so excited and happy to get you guys in the game and try out all these fun features we have been perfecting the last few years, but seeing as you are still not over an ex that doesn't even think about you weekly, not able to be in social settings without everyone talking about all the stupid things you said as soon as you leave and have a kind of attitude where even complete strangers know to treat you different, we are going to have to wait with the game until everything we need is in place, but we promise to not go dark and keep others updated if there is any kind of progress in "that one persons" life".

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Jeff said a 2022 release also seems unlikely.

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