Overwatch 2 will not be released until engine is developed that can handle both sound and visuals of Ana`s new “Ana(L) Gaping” ultimate

Yikes, gamers! talk about a mouth full of news!

Just when we thought we had all the delays we could stomach Geoff Goodman post this in the official Overwatch forums:
"As promised I thought I would let the community in on what's going on behind the scenes during development and I'm sorry to say, but we have met another delay: the engine we are running just does not have the juice needed to support Ana`s new "Ana(L) Gaping" ultimate. Without spoiling too much, its the ultimate we have had the most fun with, it kind of combines the sleep dart with death blossom (if death blossom was more of a dripping thing that targets one specific hero). We have already compromised so much with this ultimate that if we remove the horricfly loud sound and the immersive visuals we are just not making the game we feel the community deserves. Pains me to say the technology is just not there yet and we will have to wait till it is "

Holy smokes! The community is split enough between wanting the game now or getting the game good, this just poured a truckload of gasoline on the fire! with no release date in sight and this dropped in our lap we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place!
The feedback has been loud and clear in the forums from both sides, here is what they had to say:

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"Great just what i needed, being told about great content and that its just too far of"

"I would rather wait and see the Ana(L) Gaping done right then have another Cyberpunk fiasco where Ana just leaks all over the place. Take your time Blizz!"

"Why do they even tell us about all this great, game changing things? first the dynamic weather, the updated graphics, new game modes. It just makes the game that I'm playing seem smaller and more boring, how much fun do they think Anas ultimate will be to use now? knowing that there is a prototype of what sounds like the coolest ultimate the game has ever seen?"

"All the free content they have given us makes OW1 more like 2 games, I love that they take their time and make a true sequel. The community has been screaming for an ultimate like this for years now, we can wait a little bit longer if it means we finally get too Ana(L) Gape on the n00b Genjis B-)"

No matter how you slice it, one thing is true, they are taking their time to make the game the best they can. What are your thoughts? Got an itch for the game to spill out fast and loose or do you not mind waiting to get a finale, concentrated, solid stream? Let us know in the comment section below!

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