Overwatch changed my life!

TL:DR I moved country because of overwatch

Hey everyone:) I need to tell this story to someone and because everything started in overwatch I thought I do it here! Everything started a day after the Paris Map was released when I decided to open a group and look for people to talk and play with, I was in a horrible mental state back then,about to quit (German version) college and just go back to be a depressed piece of shit and sit in my room all day and play videogames. When a person joined, I was in a conversation already so i didn’t notice him at first but after a while some people left and I started to talk to him. It was amazing we got along amazingly and played for hours on end. He told me he is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I loved hearing about it because I’ve always loved the UK and for weeks we talked and talked and talked. And eventually one thing led to another and he became my boyfriend. And in June 2019 I flew all the way from Germany to Belfast to meet him and had the best week of my life I’ve never been so happy and in love with a person and a city. He gave me so much strength and confidence that I graduated in July 2019 and decided to move to Belfast but money was really really tight but nothing in could have stopped me so on the first of August 2019 packed my clothes, my pc and £500 and flew back to Belfast, I didn’t had a flat or a job but I was determined to make it and also convince my parents to move because I couldn’t believe how beautiful this country is. And here we are almost a year later still in a relationship with him living in a small but nice house with my mum my dad and my fluffy dog. I’ve never been happier in my life I don’t need antidepressants anymore and I am overall the happiest I’ve ever been. So yeah Thank you overwatch ♥️

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