Overwatch Compositions – Which One Should YOU Play?

Hi Overwatch University,

I'm Kajor (Formerly Major Midget), an Educative Overwatch Content Creator, Head Coach of CGL T4 Team '1Trickers,' and most renowned for my Overwatch Hero Guide Series!

With the recent Overwatch 2 News from OWL, it's got me thinking – What actually ARE the best comps in Overwatch 1? Since we'll never see the same comps again due to 5v5, I thought it'd be fitting to assort these into a Tier List of what are the 'Best' and 'Worst' Comps, and why: https://youtu.be/NcDPYitjCUY

Some of these comps will be a bit unfamiliar (Perhaps in terms of the naming) or in the frequency in which they pop up in your own games, or in professional games – But before I begin…

What Makes A 'Good' Overwatch Composition?

  1. FUN – For both a Coach, and a Player. The former often gets overlooked, and typically, most coaches often don't like going over Brawl Vs Brawl Mirrors because it's very difficult to tell what's actually going on, on a micro level, and whether 1 CD was the ultimate cause of a lost teamfight.
  2. SKILL – Both the Skill Cap and Floor. The Skill Floor is how difficult a composition is to pickup and play at a competent level, and the Skill Cap is how difficult a composition is to master (To play close to perfect). The best comps will often have low-mid skill floors (Think Brawl; This is partially why you see a lot of lower ranked teams/players default to Rein Comps!) whilst also having a decent skill cap in order to be flexible with your knowledge of the comp, and apply it to different maps.
  3. VALUE – Both the Value Cap and Floor. The Value Floor is how strong a composition is at when played at it's base level, and the Value Cap is how strong the comp is when played at a professional/perfect level. The best comps will have a very strong value floor (Again, Think Brawl – It's very strong at it's base level AND as seen with the skill floor, not much thought needs to go into it!) and a very high value cap in order to not be beaten by another comp when reaching the value cap.

As to not give too much away, I'll go through a Comp which specialises/is very strong in one of those six particular areas!


Often more times than not, players often enjoy Cyber Dive (Winston D.Va Genji Sombra Ana Brig) as each hero in this comp has a very solid skill curve (Not Being too easy or hard to pick up, whilst having decent room to grow) alongside very fun ultimate combos (Nanoblade often being the most notable one).


Whilst players often despite playing this comp (Especially for prolonged periods of time…) Due to the versatility that this comp has (Whether it's Zen Bap, or Brig Bap variations, running Tracer and why you run her etc.) allow you to easily convey the broader macro concepts such as Map Control for instance, and why Tracer can be a vital part to that.


This comp is often referred to as 'Korean Brawl, 6 Man Dive, Lucio Moira Dive, Fast Dive,' and primarily features Winston, D.Va, Lucio, Moira, Tracer, Sombra. The comp is very easy to play at a competent level, as fundamentally, you just rush down a single target as a 6 Man Team (Hence where the name '6 Man Dive' originates from). With that being said, there can be a lot of complexity to this comp the higher you go up.


With a similar line of reasoning to Double Shield, there are a lot of working parts with this composition and challenges to overcome – Do you control flanks, or go for backline as Tracer? How about timing dives as a team? How about rotating your backline when your Winston dives in? (P.S. Due to the following two categories, who both have high skill caps, I ended up choosing Double Bubble in order to not repeat myself lol…)


As mentioned prior, the high sustain from a Brawl Comp lends itself an advantage when playing at lower ranks, as players often don't know how to deal with Mei Walls, or a Matrix/High Noon engage, or how to play more dive-orientated comps against a Reinhardt, hence why it's STILL so popular amongst most ranks.


The Shanghai Dragons should hopefully act as the perfect example behind the potential value that this comp holds, and frankly I could be here all day just explaining the intricacies of each hero in the comp. Whether it's the fight plans as a team, Zen Positioning + Discords as a flex support, Pack Usage on Brig or Mercy micro, incredible Tracer micro in 1v1s aiming to have 1.5 Blinks at all times, playing cover/terrain when blinking, high success rates with pulse stickies etc.

Any queries/questions (Or comps I missed out – Double OT was one of them!) feel free to drop them down below!


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