Overwatch League 2021 Season Rosterpocalypse Megathread

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  • About this Megathread
  • Important Dates
  • Confirmed Roster Changes (Additions / Departures / Extensions)
  • Confirmed Coaching Changes (Additions / Departures)
  • New to the 2021 Season
  • References

About this Megathread

This thread will reflect all official player and coach changes after August 23rd (the end of the 2020 Regular Season). All changes will be referenced by official communication by teams, Blizzard, or the player of discussion. Unofficial sources and rumors will not be listed.

Important Dates

Oct. 12th, 2020: Teams may begin submitting player trades for League Office review. All player trades are subject to League Office approval prior to becoming effective. Teams may also begin extending or otherwise signing their current players to standard contracts.

Oct. 16, 2020: Deadline by which teams must exercise any options to extend existing contracts which were initially executed in 2020.

Oct. 23, 2020: PSAs signed using the 2020 PSA template that are not extended terminate and such Players become free agents. Players who are signed using the 2020 PSA template whose contracts extend into the 2021 Season begin receiving Base Salary at the 2021 Season rate.

Oct. 24, 2020: Teams may begin signing free agents to contracts for the 2021 Season.

Nov. 13, 2020: Deadline by which teams must exercise any team options to extend existing contracts which were initially executed in 2019.

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Nov. 20, 2020: Players whose contracts that are not extended become free agents. Teams and players also may mutually agree to an early release from contracts prior to this date.

Jan. 4, 2021: Deadline for all teams to have a minimum of seven players signed to season-long contracts for the 2021 season.

Confirmed Roster Changes

Teams Departures Additions Extensions Two-Way Players
Atlanta Reign
Boston Uprising Halo, Mickeyy
Chengdu Hunters
Dallas Fuel uNKOE
Florida Mayhem Sayaplayer, Karayan, Kris, Byrem
Guangzhou Charge
Hangzhou Spark
Houston Outlaws LiNkzr, blasé, Muma, Jecse
London Spitfire
Los Angeles Gladiators Jaru, Bischu, Bigg00se, Shaz, LHCloudy
Los Angeles Valiant
New York Excelsior
Paris Eternal
Philadelphia Fusion Boombox
San Francisco Shock
Seoul Dynasty
Shanghai Dragons
Toronto Defiant
Vancouver Titans
Washington Justice LullSiSH

Confirmed Coaching Changes

Teams Departures Additions
Atlanta Reign
Boston Uprising Mini, Mineral Lori
Chengdu Hunters Chen, Garry, Ray RUI
Dallas Fuel Vol'Jin
Florida Mayhem
Guangzhou Charge J1N, Tydolla, Sungwoo
Hangzhou Spark Andante
Houston Outlaws Dream
London Spitfire Agape, Pavane, Twinkl, Sqix
Los Angeles Gladiators CurryShot
Los Angeles Valiant
New York Excelsior Garrincha
Paris Eternal
Philadelphia Fusion
San Francisco Shock
Seoul Dynasty
Shanghai Dragons
Toronto Defiant Lilbow
Vancouver Titans Wheats
Washington Justice Wiz

New to the 2021 Season

2021 Player Contract Changes

Season-long contracts: These contracts have a minimum initial term of one season. They may include a unilateral team option to extend the term for one additional season. The maximum term of a season-long contract is three seasons, including any team option year.

30-day contracts: If a team has at least seven players signed to season-long contracts, a team may sign additional players to 30-day contracts. Upon expiration of a 30-day contract, a player becomes a free agent who may negotiate with other teams. Teams do not have the option to extend 30-day contracts unilaterally.

Update to Two-Way Players

First, there is no longer any limit to the number of players who may be designated as two-way players at any given time. Additionally, two-way players on teams with no academy team affiliate are now eligible to participate in Contenders competitions.


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Roster Construction Rules for 2021 Overwatch League Season

Liquipedia's Player Transfers Tracker

Over.gg's Transfer Tracker

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