Performance based SR does not cause Elo Hell (refutal of post on front page)

There's a post on the front page that has been getting a lot of popularity claiming performance based SR leads to elo hell. I'll explain why this is false.

The claim:

I watched a T100 Moira player get +12 SR for a win on an account playing @ 1000 SR, because the other team was so bad that there was just nothing to do.

I also watched him take a -28 SR hit on the game right before this one because they had a leaver on their team and even @ 1000 SR there's still only so much you can do to avoid getting shit on 5v6 all the time.

I know which moment he's talking about because he kept using the same moment to claim elo hell exists in a reply thread with me.

But he is misremembering. The T100 Moira player has a leaver so he leaves the game and loses -25 SR which is standard (not -28). Then he only gains +12 SR in his next game because of the leaver bug where you gain less SR than normal in your next won game. There is easily Googled documentation on this bug. If you want to see the video yourself

at where he leaves the game.

Performance based SR causes elo hell

This is false. I talked with this individual to figure out why he was "losing SR" with a positive winrate. We added each other in game and I looked at a replay to see what was going on.

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1: His winrate that season was not that positive. He had 80 games won out of 150 games played. That is only a 53% winrate. Draws and streaks easily make up that differential.

2: I looked at the replay. There were a few blatant reasons why he was at the rank he was all interconnected. Unfortunately, in a few days the replay was wiped with the new patch.

2a: His positioning was poor. This was the starting positioning of him relative to his team on A defense. Now you could argue his Rein and Roadhog were feeding in their positions, but 6 idiots doing something is a gameplan while 1 idiot alone is feeding. Even if they eventually lose, at least you can buy time if you stay together. As it was, his Rein then Road quickly died with our Moira staring from a distance. This happened for the whole game until point C where the map forced him to play with his team.

2b: Interconnected with 2a, he had a poor grasp on Moira's basic skills. There were moments where he would expend nearly his whole healing meter to heal teammates that were out of range. On Point B he used his whole healing meter to heal his Roadhog of barely 200 HP post fight because he kept walking out of range. I did like his orb usage but he seemed to have a particularly poor grasp on his spray healing range.

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2c: He refused to adapt. His team was rolled through A and B defense, a large reason because he kept playing in positions he felt was good but never with the team. It was only on point C where positioning forced him and his team together that he started playing in healing range of his team. There was also a moment on point B where he saw a Ball grappling from the skybox onto him and his Zen. One could guess the Ball would slam and try and kill Zen but our Moira failed to heal our Zen in time when they had orb and could have reasonably kept him up. Adaptation is a critical skill in ranked just like it is in most other games and in life.

Now it wasn't all doom and gloom. This particular Moira player did a good job mixing DPS and heals and their orb usage was pretty good. And they are climbing this season.

But there were obvious reasons why this Moira was not climbing. And because he was not in positions to use his basic kit and abilities, of course his stats were affected. Moira standing halfway across the point from her tanks for 2 points out of a map will not get a lot done believe it or not.

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There is ALWAYS a reason why you are not climbing. ALWAYS. Elo hell is false. I guarantee if the commenters in that post agreeing with their own experiences about elo hell all shared profiles + replays then those reasons would become obvious.


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