Plat Widowmaker VOD Review

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Hi OverwatchUniversity! First time posting here 🙂 As the title states, I'm a plat Widow main. I've only started watching my replays recently (literally this week) because I decided to try and take improving more seriously. There's a few things I've noticed about my gameplay, but I'd really like to hear from a more experienced/skilled player how I can best improve. Here's a few trends I have noticed when watching my own gameplay: My mouse moves a lot slower than I realize when I'm aiming. I still hit shots, but when I feel like I've hit a nasty flick, when I watch back on the replay the "flick" seems a lot slower than I remember… don't know if that's just me lol. I'm just wondering if anyone watching the vod thinks I should switch up my sens to something higher (I'm at 4.5 sens, 800 dpi). Something to note, I also try and consciously reposition, and go for flanks. Sometimes this works, but oftentimes I'm not quite sure if I costed my team the teamfight by breaking away. One major thing I notice is I tunnel vision suuuuper hard on widow, to the point that I literally miss seeing enemy players that are within my scope fov. I'm also back living with my family because of Covid, so I don't make call outs over voice like I usually do when I get a pick.

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Anyways. Here's the replay code – "JTTAZY"

This was the first game I played tonight, and it was a loss. I wasn't super warmed up aim-wise, but I didn't feel like my shot was particularly off. I actually wanted to post a replay of me losing like this when I feel like I was doing alright, to figure out what I could have done better. I will appreciate any and all forms of criticism! Thanks in advance guys.

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