Playing Rein feels like a chore sometimes.

My understanding is, the point of Rein is to shield teammates while everyone works on the objective. Charge to stun an enemy Rein (or charge a Rein that whiffed) or hit someone who pushed too far, and (more often than not, unless I'm < 100 health) charge when I land an Earthshatter on 3+ enemies. Throw Tigerstrikes when off cooldown to help build the meter. Doesn't work so much when half of the team isn't interested in doing the objective or would rather take their own creative path and die. I can admit when I was new to Overwatch, I flocked to Mei and when I started playing Rein, I would just charge anyone I could. Obviously I'm much more passive now.

What really bugs me is when I see a team looking like they're on a line of scrimmage and their Rein is half asleep with his shield up (not a scratch), meanwhile mine is about to break and I'm being lit up worse than Alex Murphy, wondering what my team is doing. But somehow the discussion becomes what could I have done to be a better Rein. What, find a different team? Not play him if people don't want to stick around him and attempt to capture the objective? Tonight, I was told I was using the shield too much when the team wasn't around. I can see the killfeed and know when my team is wiped, but when it's a fresh round and I'm trying to do the objective, I can't turn around to see if the team is with me, otherwise that defeats the purpose of the shield, and I'm also keeping it up so that (what looks like a) defensive line in front of me doesn't melt me.

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I try not to get mad at healers who are doing the best they can to keep me alive. But when all people can do is bring up random gold medals (as if them having a gold means they can do no wrong) when the objective might as well have been a foreign language to them and I'm irl sweating with a gold medal for 2 seconds of objective time, I don't think I should need an intervention.

Here's something that happened tonight: I was playing on Oasis. I got my ult and waited. The enemy Rein was dancing around with his shield up outside of the obj (as we had recently wiped them), then I heard the Bastion in front of me sound off. Right as he did that, the other Rein dropped his shield for some reason and went behind the wall to his side, so I threw my Earthshatter down and hit 3 people. I did my Tigerstrike and charged Bastion. Unfortunately, when I charged Bastion, the wall behind him was at an angle, so I glanced off it and carried him to that long stretch of a two lane road near their spawn with no backstop. There wasn't a car, barricade, light pole, pylon, anything to clip and stop. You know when you die, respawn, and instead of walking all that way back, you use your charge, teleport, whatever to try and catch up to your team? That's where my charge left me. I still killed him in the end and got the other two with my Earthshatter combo. I got told I was pushing too far ahead. It almost sounded like it was meant that I mindlessly swung my hammer to their spawn, singled out someone and made a dumb charge, or something. When I explained myself, I was told, well, I could've steered my charge. Into what? The only wall (or object for that matter) there was I hit at an angle, so it didn't stick.

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A game shouldn't be that irritating, but sometimes it really is.


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