PSA; please do not kill the Baby Dva’s!

Content of the article: "PSA; please do not kill the Baby Dva’s!"

Hi everyone! I’ve wanted to make a post like this for a while now, considering how little I actually see this happening in my games and if I can even get one person to change the way they see demeched Dva’s, I’ll be happy.

If you are in a competitive match, no matter what rank you are, please, please, do not kill the Dva after you have demeched her.

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a neat little trick that they do in the Overwatch League called staggering. Back when GOATS was rampart, the teams would bully the Baby Dva after the rest of her team were dead, and refuse to kill her so that they would have to wait longer for a regroup. Eventually somebody would kill her or she would jump off a cliff, but if cuts what can be 20 seconds, even coming to 30, off an enemy push if done right.

I’m not asking everyone to play like OWL players – but what I am asking is people incorporate this trick into their own gameplay. If you see a little Baby Dva running around, do not shoot her. And more importantly, do not get shot by her. Just let her be. She is useless and gives her team no benefits of a tank, DM, or a bomb, and she has the lowest HP in the game so can be taken out super easily. Even better if you manage to kill the Baby just before she remechs, so that her team get punished more for all the time she spent out of mech and/or dead.

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Even if you don’t take this advice, know this to be the reason why some of us will suicide off the cliff, just so we can easily get our mech back wasting as little time as possible.

Edit; some of you seem to be in disagreement so I’ll address the situation here.

I AM A DVA MAIN. I have over 900 hrs on her so I have a lot of experience.

Yes, she will shoot at you, that is her goal, to get her mech back. But it’s not that difficult to dodge projectiles, especially if you know where the Dva is. And so what if she shoots you and she gets her mech back? 9 times out of 10 she’ll get it back in over 10 seconds (the time for a respawn) and you’ve wasted time for her, which is good.

Finally, suiciding or bombing to remech is almost always good, even great. Getting back mech is your main focus and unless there’s a fat hog who doesn’t have hook/any other meaty tank and you can land all your shots, the suicide/ult option is always good.

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