PSA: Tank’s aren’t the only role that can create space

Content of the article: "PSA: Tank’s aren’t the only role that can create space"

Many players generally classify a tank’s role as creating space for their team. Whether it be from a shield tank pushing forward with their shield, a mobile tank going in on your back line and forcing peel, or any off-tank funnelling your team into a choke, they are all creating space in one way or another. One of the reasons they can do this so well is because of their survivability. All tanks have a large health pool and great defensive abilities.

A common misconception is that it is only the tank’s role to create space. Many other characters and play styles can create tons of space for your team as well. The best example of this is a tracer harassing the enemy’s back line. She forces a lot of peel and takes away a lot of attention from the enemy team, thus allowing your team to walk forward while the supports peel and the frontline has less resources, for example. She has great mobility and survivability which allows her to do this.

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Another example of a character that creates a lot of space is Widow. By having such far sight lines, she forces enemy’s to play behind cover as much as possible and forces the enemy to pay attention to her position as much as possible. This creates space because she is preventing the enemy from walking into a particular part of the map.

A reaper fighting in the frontline forces so much pressure onto the enemy frontline and thus helps take space as well. A pocketed soldier or Ashe on the flank also forces plenty of peel from the enemy. A pocketed pharah forces the DPS to play outside of her range and close to supports which creates a ton of space for your frontline. A speeding lucio helps take space by pushing his team through the choke or he can choose to flank the enemy backline himself.

These just a few things to keep in mind if your team is struggling with making space and pushing past a choke. A tank’s primary goal is to create space for their team, but DPS and support can absolutely help them create that space and create space of their own.

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