QP and Arcade player hoping to play more competitive

Hi. I'm working on playing more comp . . . So far bronze player (1300 on tank, 1400 – 1700dps, 1100 support, and 900 on open). I play a few hours a day. I'm new / like started OW in Dec 2020 new. On PC.

I got a few ?'s on how to approach competitive coming from QP and Arcade.

What I currently know is to not care about SR / wins or losses and focus on improving on my hero. Or don't bring up / pay attention 2 gold medals. I realized gold medals were useless when I played widow in QP where we got rolled so hard, snoop dog paid a visit to check out our joints, and I got 4 golds for one head shot kill and only 3 other kills the whole game (I got most kills, object kill, object time, and most damage). Chill when leavers or ignore toxic team mates

Also not to be too concerned about voice comms until plat, but also listen and join in to hear other ppl + make use of mute when appropriate . And have thick skin, as ppl will get toxic / angry / throw fits, losing is alot harder here than in QP . . . I've ran into weird stuff, like someone getting angry he's in bronze team and predicting we'll lose because X comp enemy team is running or "that smurf guy carrying I know he's a smurf" etc . . .

Also I browse / lurk here alot so I know the lists / links for top players on X hero etc.

A couple questions:

Do I totally get off comms in Solo Q until I'm diamond? . . . I've seen videos from a youtube coach to avoid chat, voice chat, team chat as the toxicity will tilt even the most chill players?

I've heard some youtube coaches say competitive is the main way to play better (as opposed to playing alot of arcade or QP ) and QP is best for warm up or figuring a hero you really don't know how to play. I currently set a few days a week to spend time in mystery heroes to learn how other heroes play and QP in the hero pool I want to develop. I'm playing comp with my QP hero pool . . .

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Is this valid assumption that comp is the main way to improve? I think it's a yes but I'm looking for reassurances 😀 .

Is there competitive ready indicator from QP for hero play? Example, like if I have QP POTG a third of my games on that hero, get on fire most of the match in QP etc . . . and its ready for Comp? Or do I just go F it and just play?

Also is there certain expectations in comp? I had this guy saying I was a bronze tracer but I shouldn't be and I'm throwing because I'm playing like a bronze player and "go back to QP n get gud! Don't waste ppl's time and SR here." . "Or don't play widow unless you can click heads like ANS. Look up ANS, and come back when you can play 50% like him." Is this a case of I'm bronze but should be GM itis? Or validity to training in QP?

I have certain hero pool I want to get good at and play these in QP. tank dva or sig, support mercy or zen and dps hanzo, mei, widow, tracer

In QP, no one ever cared about my selection, except the try hard that gets mad at my widow or something.

In comp, I have people telling me who to pick and how to play. Sometimes it make sense (like mentioning double barrier so certain pix like widow / hanzo / mei just aren't optimal. Also they (and some youtube coaches) recommend play to fit team comp and enemy team comp. And some people mentioned I should focus on roles and master every hero for that role instead of one tricking or being multi-role.

Should one focus on maining a role instead? Also does switching their hero to fit team comp matter in lower metal ranks?

I feel playing heroes I'm more comfortable and interested in is better than playing a hero I'm mediocre at to fit the team comp. I'm more of the flexing player than one trick just by feel, but I at the same time I want to focus on a pool of heroes .

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Is there balance point? Do I play heroes I'm mediocre at to fit the comp? Or ignore team comp and have that one trick mindset of not swapping off, and focus on learning who I want? Or somewhere in between?

Sometimes in comp I'm confused due to the speed and skill at which everyone moves, but I remember being this confused when I transitioned from training vs AI to QP / mystery heroes but I got used to the speed / skill. So I'm hoping same will happen . . . And a part of me feels you have to start somewhere, be okay with making mistakes / enjoy the journey of getting better . . . after all ML7 / Jardio / Surefour/ ANS or Kephrii or kenzo sucked at first and played until they got to where they are now.

What is expected of a player in their intended role in certain ranks outside of the basics? Specifically Bronze / silver / gold ?

Is it in how much degree in skill at tasks like tanks occupy areas / take up space / off tanks peel, support enables team to do X, Y, or Z, and heal, DPS helps tanks keep space / kill / CC / peel / dmg n break barriers? Mechanical ability, game sense?

The reason I ask is because of a few scenarios:

I had a guy rage against the machine that my echo sucked (well I was on echo because he told me to play her 4 burst dmg and break double barrier of enemy team and it didn't go over so well). The same rage guy also had told me since the other team was running double barrier (orisa and rein) my choice of tracer wouldn't work , hanzo is bad vs double barrier tank, and widow wouln't do anything for that comp. Mei only works good with brawl with rein, brig, reaper, and iuf other dps can go good hitscan (he said only ashe and mcree) or echo / junk to burst.

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He then said last game I was that bad tank for not making call outs and I should lead the team in voice when I was playing dva (they asked for M tank so then I went horse, as such didn't go well).

When I was on support, some streamer said I was trash support for not calling out ults and tracking everyone's ults (a youtube coach said don't worry about alt tracking until plat / masters, focus on movement, mechanics, general game sense) as mercy and "didn't do that thing where mercy can fly through spam / a team fight to revive people and escape" . . .

I think he was trying to refer to GA high jump trick to rez and GA back to a waiting team member outside of the team fight in LOS of mercy but behind cover that I've seen done in high level mercy players vids, if so that's something I could work on. But also I've seen many a mercy try that in games and enemy team focus fires on her and I've GA through spam fire and she will get hit.



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